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Discover the joy of knitting with our range of knitting looms! Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced knitter, we have the perfect loom or knitting board for you. Explore our collection of high-quality knitting looms designed to make knitting easier and more enjoyable. From simple projects to intricate designs, unleash your creativity with our knitting looms.

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Knit by @isis_nocturne
using the Afghan Loom

Knit by @loomknitplannedpooling
using the ‘Rotating’ Double Knit Loom

Knit by @fehrtrade
using the Sock Loom 2

Knit by @loomknitplannedpooling
using the Flexee Loom Links Skinny

Knit by @isis_nocturne
using the Multi Knit Loom

Knit by @isis_nocturne
using the Afghan Loom

Learn with KB Looms

Learn the basics of knitting through our step-by-step instructions and illustrations. We cover loom knitting basics, double knitting and sock knitting. Create beautiful professional loom knits easily on your knitting loom.