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‘Adjustable’ Multi-Knit Loom: Hat Size Configurations

The ‘Adjustable’ Multi-Knit Loom is the perfect loom for any loom knitter as you are able to assemble it in different configurations to create different size tubes or flat panels.

The information below is general information based upon the specific loom set-up and gauge received with the combination of yarn and loom. The Multi-Knit loom can be used in small gauge, with pegs on every hole opening, or in large gauge with pegs on ‘every other’ hole opening. In small gauge, we recommend yarns in light worsted weight to aran weight. In large gauge, we recommend bulky yarns.

Note the peg recommendation below is general, if you find that the circumference is too small/large, you can add/remove a set of the 3-peg rails and increase/decrease the size of the hat by about 1-inch. Hats are typically worked in negative ease of 2-inches so they fit snug around the head. If you desire a more loose fit, please use more pegs. The versatility of being able to add more peg rails makes this the perfect knitting loom to create the exact sizing needed.

On average, the knitted samples in small gauge setting, provided a gauge of 11 sts per 2-inches in stockinette stitch using the Knit Stitch and worsted weight (#4) yarn.  If using the Ewrap stitch (a much looser stitch) sizing will be approx  9 sts per 2 inches. 

The ‘Age’ listed is approximate, and your ideal size maybe slightly more or less pegs.




Note: If planning a ribbed brim, select an loom configuration with even number of pegs.

Basic Pattern

Special note: there are 3 sizes when set to Large Gauge that will have an odd number of pegs (31, 37 and 43). You will end up with an extra knit stitch at the end of the Brim rounds.

Cast on all around the knitting, join to work in the round.

Round 1: *k1, p1; rep from * to end of the round. (Looms set in Large Gauge with set up of 31, 37, and 43, you will have an extra Knit 1 at the end of the round).

Repeat Round 1 until brim measures approximately 1/2 (1/2, 3/4, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 2.5) inches from cast-on edge.

Next round: k to end of the round.

Repeat last round until item measures approximately 6(6.5, 7, 7.5, 7.5, 9, 10, 11) inches from cast-on edge.

Bind off with gather bind off method.


  1. Ruth Hornberger

    looking for a suitable hat pattern using Bernat Pipsqueak yarn. It is a bulky fuzzy yarn. I have looked on youtube, ravelry, and every other site I could think of. Please help me.

  2. Andrew Barnes

    This loom looks very nice and am interested in buying one but live in the uk. I find my options very hard in ordering one as all our suggested suppliers have no stock.
    Open to ideas please.

    1. They should be coming soon.

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