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Autumn Candy Corn Hat w/ video

Designed by Amanda Pratt

This pattern works in both single knit and double knit on the ‘Rotating’ Double Knit Loom. Single knit, using outer loom only for the brim, then switching to double knit for the body of the hat.  What a great idea Amanda!

Note: Amanda’s Honeycomb Stitch uses the rib stitch, wrapping in a figure 8 method,  which is different from rib stitch taught by KB. Work with manner you feel most comfortable. Rib stitch video of both methods are included. The stitch pattern used in the pattern is also known as ‘Honeycomb’.


LOOM:  ‘Rotating’ Double Knit Loom, with 60 peg topper

YARN:  Approx 200 yards of #5 Bulky weight yarn. Yarn Bee Tender Touch in Buttercup, Apricot, and Fleece were used

NOTIONS:  tapestry needle, tensioner, row counter (optional).

SIZE:  Adult


EW= E-Wrap

K= knit stitch

P= purl stitch

Y= Yellow (Buttercup)

O= Orange (Apricot)

W= White (Fleece)

RS = Double Knit Ribbed Stitch (rib stitch begins on peg 1)

IRS = Inverted Ribbed Stitch (an alternate rib, begins on peg 2)


Double E-Wrap Cast on 60 pegs using outer loom only, prepare to work in the round.

Row 1-15:  K2, P2  (Brim knit in single knit with just outer loom).

Add the inner loom, and prepare to work in double knit.

Row 16-18: Y RS

Row 19-21: Y IRS

Row 22-24: Y RS

Row 25-27: O IRS

Row 28-30: O RS

Row 31-33: O IRS

Row 34-36: W RS

Row 37-39: W IRS

Row 40-42: W RS

Remove each stitch from the inside loom placing them on the corresponding peg on the outer loom knit off.

 Row 43-44: EW

Cast off using the Flat Top Bind Off

Optional – Add Pom-Pom

Amanda’s complete Pattern Video

Option: Rib Stitch by KB Video.  For the ‘inverted Rib Stitch’ simply start stitch on peg 2 instead of peg 1. This will alternate the rib stitch.


  1. sherri Ristow

    Can this hat be made on any of your other kb looms I dont own the loom and topper I dont want to have to buy the loom and topper attachment just to make this hat do you have any suggestions to what loom I might be able to use .

    1. This item is worked in the round in double knit. Unfortunately, you need a loom that is in the round and able to double knit to create it in the round. You can do it flat but then you will need to seam it–we don’t have instructions for it to be worked flat.

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