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Bind Off Double Knit

Bind Off Double Knit 

Remove stitches from the board or loom.

Crochet Bind Off

1. Work from end opposite the yarn tail; use your crochet hook to lift off the first loop on the back board.


2. Then pick up the first loop on the front board. Pull the front loop on hook through back loop.



Then repeat picking up next back board stitch, then front board stitch, pull 1 thru 1. Repeat process to the end of the loom. Secure final stitch by pulling yarn tail through last loop on hook. Then with crochet hook, pull yarn tail into finished knit. Now your double knit piece is off the board.


Bind Off at Anchor Yarn

(If your pattern calls for the anchor yarn to remain in the knitted piece, as in a hat, be sure to follow the pattern instructions.)

The bind off puts a nice finished edge on your cast on stitches and allows the removal of the anchor yarn. 

1. Start at end opposite the yarn tail. Use your crochet hook. Slip the first (2) loops onto crochet hook.


2. Pull loop closest to hook thru the other loop. Continue to end by picking up each additional loop. When you have the last loop on crochet hook, pull the yarn tail thru the last loop for knot. Tuck the yarn tail into the finished knit with crochet hook. Carefully remove anchor yarn from knitwear, and your knitted piece is complete. There is no need to block the piece with double knit.