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Blue Reeds Cable Hat

If you love cables in double knit, try this snazzy ‘ready for winter’ hat.  Four cable sections of two cables each. Knit on the ‘Rotating’ Double Knit Loom

Loom: ‘Rotating’ Double Knit Loom, set for double knit.

Stitches:  Rib, Cable Twist

Yarn:  Patons Shetland Chunky, 75% Acrylic, 25% Wool.  Hand wash and lay flat to dry.  Chunky #5 weight.  Color used is 78742 True Peacock.  1 skein or a total of 125 yds.  To make a deeper hat, purchasse 2 skeins of Patons Shetland Chunky.

Medium Blue, 8 yds for PomPoms, or any accent color desired. Sample worked with 3 yarns of similar color and Medium blue.

Notions:  Knit hook, crochet hook, loom double hook (optional), tapestry needle, and stitch markers (4 colored rubber bands work well)

Size:  Hat fits average adult and is 8.5” deep.

Gauge:  4 rounds=1″



St (sts)=stitch (stitches)   aprox=approximately  Rnd(s)=round(s)

Hat Design:

Hat is worked in Rib Stitch. Total of 32 rounds unless deeper hat is desired. Each rib is 2 sts.  Cables consist of 8 stitches or 4 sets of Ribs.  There is a total of 4 Cable sections in hat.

Break down…

  1. Work Twist #1 on all cables and work round.
  2. Rib stitch (3 rounds)
  3. Work Twist #2 on all cables and work round.
  4. Rib Stitch (3 rounds)

Place colored rubber band on each set of 8 sts cables before beginning.  There are 4 of these sections. Sequence:  4st, 8 st cable, 6st, 8 st cable, 4 st, 8 st cable, 6 st, 8 st cable.  Place one rubber band around pegs for each 8 st cable, for markers.

#1 Twist: Each cable design consists of 4 ribs or 8 sts.  Be sure to pick up the correct stitches to keep the ribs consistent.  Twist only the sts on the outer loom.  Place markers or rubber band on each set of 8 sts.

Working pegs 1-4. Lift first 2 sts, 1 and 2 (one rib) and hold on double hook. With another hook, move sts 3 and 4 onto pegs 1 and peg 2.   Now, place st 1 and 2 from double hook onto peg 3 and peg 4.


Working pegs 5-8. Do another twist (2 ribs).  Then repeat the process on all sets of 8 sts marked with rubber bands.







#2 Twist:  Start with 2nd rib.  You will be twisting the stitches in the opposite direction.

Working pegs 1-4. Lift the 2 sts on pegs 3 and peg 4 and hold on double hook. Move sts 1 and 2 onto pegs 3 and peg 4.  Now, place sts from double hook onto pegs 1 and 2.






Working pegs 5-8.  Lift sts 7 and 8 with double hook.  Move sts 5 and 6 to peg 7 and peg 8.  Now place sts from double hook onto pegs 5 and peg 6.






Repeat this process on all sets of 8 sts marked with rubber bands.

Finished Twist #2


Hints:  Work in loose tension especially the row before each twist row.

Work hook over on inner loom first as this loosens tension.  Then, work the hook over on the outer loom.







Cast On all 52 pegs to work in the round in Rib stitch.  Lay anchor yarn and allow ends to dangle below the looms.

Rnds 1-6:  Work in Rib stitch for the brim of hat.

Rnd 7:  Work Twist #1 cable on all 4 cable sections (8 sts each).  Weave the round in rib stitch over all pegs including the cable twists and hook over.

Rnd 8-9-10:  Rib stitch

Rnd 11:  Twist #2 cable on all 4 cable sections.  Work the rnd in rib stitch.

Rnd 12-13-14:  Rib stitch

Rnd 15:  Twist #1 cable on all 4 cable sections.  Work rnd in rib stitch.

Rnd 16-17-18:  Rib stitch

Rnd 19:  Twist #2 cable on all 4 cable sections.  Work rnd in rib stitch.

Rnd 20-21-22:  Rib stitch

Rnd 23:  Twist #1 cable on all 4 cable sections.  Work rnd in rib stitch.

Rnd 24-25-26:  Rib Stitch

Rnd 27:  Twist #2 cable on all 4 cable sections.  Work rnd in rib stitch.

Rnd 28-29-30-31-32:  Rib stitch

Bind Off using Rib Bind Off method: Maintain a yarn tail of aprox 12-14”.  Keep the 2 rib sts together.  Place st 1 on st 2 as if to do decrease.  This needs to be the 2 sts of one rib.  Do this all around the loom on both looms.  You will have every other peg with 2 loops.  Lift bottom over top so that there is just one loop on every other peg. Now, bring the loops from inner loom to outer loom so that there are again 2 loops on every other peg on outer loom.  Use tapestry needle and yarn tail to work around the loom and pick up the loops on the pegs, so that hat is free of the loom, and all loops are secure on the yarn.  Lift hat off loom.  Draw up the top of hat.  Go around the top of hat a 2nd time to secure a snug closure.  Knot the yarn, and weave in ends.

Bind off at Anchor yarn:  With the crochet hook, pick up both loops of one rib at yarn tail.  Pull one thru the other.  Pick up next loop of next rib, and pull one closest to hook thru the other.  Do this loosely around entire brim of hat.  Once complete, knot last loop with yarn tail and weave in ends.  Gently pull out the anchor yarn.

Finish hat with a happy big pompom.  Use some different yarns of shades of blue or peacock blue and maybe some different weights.  Wrap about 40 times around cardboard.  Tie the pompom, cut and trim.  Tie to top of your hat for a fun look.

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