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Cable Scarf/ Cowl (double knit)

Designed by Jacquelyn Darragh

This pattern includes instructions for both scarf and cowl. Both are super versatile, and can be worn many ways.

Pattern Notes: It is recommended to mark loom with peg numbers (on tape). This will help with cable twist location. Cable design is worked with cable right twist, then 2 rows of rib stitch then cable left twist, and 2 rows of rib stitch. Design is worked throughout pattern.


Set up loom with 2 cm spacing to work in double knit.

Cast on 32 stitches.

Row 1-6: Knit rib stitch.

 Create cable right twist. The right cables are created by twisting the middle four marked pegs. Twist the stitches on pegs 7 and 8 with the stitches on pegs 5 and 6. Lift the stitches on pegs 7 and 8, hold securely with your fingers while you move the stitch on peg 6 to the now-empty peg 8, next move the stitch on peg 5 to empty peg 7.

Place the stitch which was previously on stitch 7 to peg 5 and the stitch previously on stitch 8 to peg 6. After complete, 2 stitches which were on the left are underneath, and the stitches on the right are moved up above, forming a right cable.

Next, make this same cable twist on the other two sets of pegs to form the other cables. Swap stitches on 17, 18 for 15, 16, then 27, 28 for 25, 26. Once you have twisted the three sets of stitches you are ready to knit row 7 and 8.

 Row 7-8: Rib Stitch

 Create cable left twist. Pick up the stitches on pegs 3 and 4, hold them securely and move stitch on peg 5 to peg 3, then move stitch on peg 6 to peg 4. Place the stitches in your fingers on pegs 5 and 6 respectively. Note: there is some slight stretching of the stitches.

Pick up the stitches on pegs 7 and 8, hold them securely with your fingers and move the stitch on peg 9 to peg 7 and the stitch on peg 10 to peg 8. Place the stitches in your fingers on pegs 9 and 10. Left cable stitches are created when stitches which were on the right are swapped with the left stitches and the right set of stitches are underneath and the left stitches are on the top.

Now wrap 13, 14 with 15, 16, and then 17, 18 with 19, 20, and 23, 24 with 25, 26, then 27, 28 with 29, 30.

Note: only swap pegs on the front of the loom, not the back row of stitches.

See a video for Cable Stitch

 Repeat above process: Set up for center right cables, knit 2 rows of rib stitch, then set up for center left cable, knit 2 rows of rib stitch. Knit to desired length. For scarf, knit approx. 63”, for cowl, knit approx. 38”.

Next 6 rows: (for scarf only) rib stitch.

Then cut yarn leaving approx 20” tail for the mattress seam which forms the cowl.

Bind off stitches, 2 over 2 to remove the anchor yarn for a lovely finish.

Cowl finishing: Join the 2 edges with a mattress seam. Lay out the two ends of the cowl, (the ends just bound off) and line them up. Thread the 20” tail you have left with your tapestry needle. Locate the running thread between the pieces on the inside, pull apart the first 2 edge stitches to gently sew the edges together from the inside and gently go in and out lining up and catching this inner thread to bind the 2 sides of the cowl together. Work back and forth keeping the tension easy but firm. When complete, weave the excess yarn into the double knit.


LOOM: All-n-One Loom 3/8″ gauge, set to 2cm spacing, 32 stitches needed.

YARN: Worsted weight yarn, 400 yards cowl, or 1000 yards for scarf.  Sample created with Lion Brand Pound of Love ® Yarn, Oxford Grey.

STITCHES: Stockinette, Open Rib, and Rib Stitch. Special technique: Twisted Ribbed Stitches are used to create the Cables.

NOTIONS: Knit hook, crochet hook size 6/G, large sewing needle

GAUGE: 3 sts x 3 rows = 2”

SIZE: 11” x 39” cowl; 11” x 65” scarf

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