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Candy Cane Hat and Scarf


When the stripes in scarf are 3 or more rows, cut and tie on new color. For less than 3 rows, keep attached and carry to next use. When tying on red yarn, tie on and work stockinette from left side of loom; when tying on white yarn, tie on and work stockinette from right side of loom. This will keep a balance of color change. For the hat, cut yarn at each color change row.



Cast on 22 stitches in stockinette stitch with (R) yarn. Lay anchor yarn.

Rows 1-3: Work in red. Tie on white at 2nd stitch on right side of loom. Do not cut red. (note: the red yarn will be attached on the left side, and the white, on the right side)

Rows 4-6: Work in white. Rows 7: Work in red. Row 8: Work in white.

Rows 7: Work in red.

Row 8: Work in white.

Row 9: Work in red.

*Row 10-11: Work in white.

*Row 12-13: Work in red.
Repeat the * 4 rows additional 12 times.

Center of scarf: Cut white; tie on red. Continue working every row in Red yarn for approximately 26”.

Work the last 30 rows as you did the first 30 rows, reversing the sequence.

Rows 10-13: repeat 13 times.
Work rows 9 – 1, in reverse order (9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1)

This will leave both ends of scarf matching with 3 rows of red stripe at edges.

Bind off with basic bind off method at loom and anchor yarn. Weave in all yarn tails and remove the anchor yarn. You will just love this cozy scarf.


Cast on 52 stitches in stockinette stitch with red yarn.

Rounds 1-12: Rib stitch
Next 7 rounds: Work in stockinette, cut red.

*Rounds 20-21: Tie on white, work rounds with white. Cut white.

*Rounds 22-23: Tie on red, work rounds with red.

Repeat the * 4 rounds for additional 3 times. Cut red.

Next 2 rounds: Tie on white yarn, work rounds with white. Cut white.

Next 10 rounds: Tie on red, work with red.

Bind Off: Leave a yarn tail with red yarn for about 12” and then cut yarn. Work gather bind off at top of hat by placing the stitches onto the working yarn. Pull gently to gather. Knot securely and sew a few stitches around the gather to secure. Bind off at anchor yarn with basic bind off and carefully remove the anchor yarn.

Pom-pom (optional)

Wrap Red or combo of Red and White yarn around any object aprox 3-4” in diameter, 30-40 times. Slip off, tie tight with strand of yarn. Cut loops of pom-pom, shake loose and attach to top of hat with strand of yarn. Secure well.

Step by Step tying on the new color:

1. Insert crochet hook under previous stitch, and pull white yarn thru.


2. Tie knot.

3. Begin weaving from the right side of the row.

LOOM:Rotating’ Double Knit Loom set up for double knit. Hat worked in the round, and scarf worked as flat panel.

YARN: Red Heart Soft Worsted or any #4 weight yarn of choice. 100% Acrylic, 256 yds per skein. Total set requires 3 skeins, 2 Red (R), and 1 White (W). Hand wash.

STITCHES: Stockinette and Rib.

NOTIONS: Knit Hook, Crochet hook,large eyed sewing needle.

SIZE: Scarf 50” x 5”, Hat 9” deep.

GAUGE: 8 sts X 11 rows=2 inches.

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