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Have you had a second to check out the latest issue of Loom Knitters Circle magazine? It has a few patterns that can be created on the AIO loom.  Hurry and go get yourself a copy and start creating.


  1. Help-
    just purchased adjustable sock board, confused about sizing to start.
    written instructions gave “recipe” to determine # of stitches to cast on… I came up with 10… (ladies 8-ish)
    DVD says we use 30 for baby sock- hmmmmm .
    Making socks for ME- ladies 8 = 9- 1/2″ around ball of foot. HOW MANY PEGS TO — USE? (got 5 on “short”/adjustable side – how many on “long” side?)
    I’m excited to get started… help ASAP please!

  2. Hey Dardy, if you are still around come and join us on Ravelry!

    There is a group called Loomin’ Socks. They will give up all the help and support you need. (you need to register, but it is free).

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