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Chestnut Cowl

Designed by Jacquelyn Darragh

The combination of the Rib Stitch and the Open Braid Stitch results in two faces for the same cowl. One side of the cowl is a trim ribbed stitch and the other side of the cowl is a cross stitch. Two cowls in one and two layers of beauty and warmth to keep out the chill and wrap you in style.


Cast on 60 stitches in Figure 8 on both sides of the board (double knit). Lay anchor yarn.

Rows 1-6: Rib stitch

Row 7: Open Braid Stitch

Row 8: Rib Stitch

Rows 9-20: Repeat Alternating Rows of Open Braid and Rib Stitch Row 21: Open Braid

Rows 22-27: Rib Stitch

Row 28: Stockinette Stitch. Knit a total of 28 rows.

Bind off loosely and when you have just 1 loop on the crochet hook, cut yarn for a 20” tail and pull yarn tail through loop for a knot. You will use this yarn tail to invisibly stitch the short sides of your panel together. .

Bind Off at anchor yarn, beginning at the opposite end of the yarn tail and bind off loosely by catching only 1 loop over 1 loop of the edging as you bind off. The figure 8 cast on creates a neat yet somewhat lacy and looser edge. Remove the anchor yarn and tuck all yarn tails invisibly into the knitting.

Match up the rows of the 9” sides of the panel and use mattress stitch to invisibly sew the sides together.

Soft and pretty, this is a little dream to top off your cold weather wardrobe.


LOOM: 28” Knitting Board + extenders set up for double knit at 1cm spacing

YARN: Premier Isaac Mizrahi Skyscraper. Sample uses Chrysler color (1 Skein). Approx 160 yards of bulky weight yarn. 166 yds per skein. Hand wash and dry flat.

STITCHES: Rib, Open Braid, Stockinette

SIZE: One size fits teen to adult, 9” x 24”

NOTIONS: Knit hook, crochet hook, large darning needle

GAUGE: 5 stiches x 6 rows = 2 inches


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