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Cozy Fresh Shawl & Hat (dk)

Designed by Jacquelyn Darragh

This light and airy, easy-to-knit triangle wrap can be worn like a scarf, or a small shawlette with the triangle in the front or the back, your choice.

Loom: 38″ Knitting Loom,  3cm spacing for double knit using 82 stitches.

YARN: Woolstok Worsted by Blue Sky Fibers, 100% Wool. Hand wash in cold water. Lay flat to dry. Do not agitate or twist. Color No. 1319 Quartz Crystal used in sample, 2  skeins, 246 yards. The shawl requires approx. 180 yards.

STITCHES: Stockinette, Open Braid, Decreases.

NOTIONS: Knit hook, crochet hook, large sewing needle

GAUGE: 2 sts + 2 rows = 1”


Set up loom for double knit at 3 cm spacing. Stockinette cast on 82 stitches and place anchor yarn.

Row 1:  Stockinette stitch to end of row.

Row 2-3: Stockinette stitch to end of row, decrease 1 stitch on each end of knitting.

Row 4: Work  Open Braid stitch across row, then  decrease 1 stitch on each end (knitting will look like criss cross stitch  due to the decreases).

Repeat Row 4  for 15 rows until you have only 4 stitches remaining on the loom.

Change from open braid stitch to stockinette. After knitting over, decrease 1 stitch on each side, leaving 2 stitches on the loom.

Decrease one stitch, leaving only one loop each on the front side and one loop on the back side. Knit over, then move one loop from back board to front board and knit over. Cut working yarn to 8” inches and slip tail through final loop and tighten.

Bind off last row, hooking 2 loops over 1 with crochet hook, then 2 loops over 1 until the last loop is pulled through the yarn tail. In the same way, bind off anchor yarn until one loop remains on crochet hook. Pull yarn tail through loop for knot. Weave ends into the knitting.

Double Knit Stitch Videos


Cast on 40 pegs in double knit and lay anchor yarn.

Row 1-3: Rib Stitch.

Row 4-23: Criss Cross Stitch

Row 24: Stockinette stitch to end of row, decrease on both ends.

Row 25: Stockinette to end of row, then decrease on both ends

Cut the working yarn to 20 inches. Bind off 2 over 2. Bind off the anchor yarn row 1 over 2 loops, then 2 over 1.

Fold the hat with the seams aligned and sew side seams with matching yarn in a mattress stitch. Pull the gathering stitch at the top of the hat snugly and tie off. Trim ends and weave into knitting. Add a pom pom to top of hat if desired. Roll brim if desired.







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