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Crisscross Cowl (double knit)

Designed by Jacquelyn Darragh

This double-knit cowl is stylish, elegant, and warm. It offers a ton of texture and can be worn as a hooded cowl or loop it twice as a stole. Beginner level.

Loom: 18” All-n-One Loom, 32 pegs needed, 2 cm spacing.

Yarn: Worsted weight yarn.  Sample knit with Lion Brand Landscape® Yarn, Sand Dune,  600 yards (3 skeins).

Stitches: Stockinette, Crisscross

Notions: Knit hook, crochet hook 6/G, large darning needle

Gauge: 3 stitches x 3 rows = 2 inches

Size: 11 x 50 inches


Cast on 32 stitches, stockinette stitch.

Row 1: Knit in Crisscross stitch. See video below for Crisscross Stitch tutorial.

Repeat row 1 for approximately 50″ for a double wrap cowl, for single wrap knit 38”.

Next row: Knit stockinette stitch.

Cut working yarn with about 20″ tail. Bind off stitches. Then bind off  the beginning end of the cowl (at the anchor yarn). Pull out anchor yarn for a lovely finish. See Video of bind off.

Finishing: Join the 2 edges of the knit with a mattress seam to form the cowl. Lay out the two ends of the cowl, (the ends which you’ve just bound off) and line them up. Thread the 20” with tapestry needle.  Locate the running thread between the pieces on the inside and you will pull apart the first 2 edge stitches to gently sew the edges together from the inside and gently go in and out lining up and catching this inner thread to bind the 2 sides of the cowl together. Work back and forth from running thread to running thread keeping the tension easy but firm. When complete, work in the excess yarn into the double knit.


  1. Mhairie Lee

    I have my very first wooden KB loom still, I got it to make socks on and then I got the rotating KB loom and I still enjoy using both. I like the KB loom knit patterns, and I’d really like to make the criss-cross cowl, can it or any of the KB patterns be down loaded, as I prefer to work off line so that it doesn’t use up my data time. Thank you.

    1. It will be on the site soon.

  2. Monica Kersten

    Hello Jacquelyn.
    I do have a question about binding off: BO 2 over 2? Where do I find a tutorial/explanation video or written for BO 2 over 2?
    I searched everywhere I could, I just didn’t find this method.
    Also, the same BO it is mentioned in the project Double Knit Cable Scarf/ Cowl. In both projects if I understood correctly the BO of the loops from the boards as well the ones of the CO with anchor yarn are binded off with same method: 2 over 2.

    With respect,

  3. Kathy Bouras

    People in the KB Facebook group are having problems with the binding off where it says Cut working yarn with about 20? tail. Bind off stitches, 2 over 2. Can this be explained TIA

    1. It means when you are picking up your stitches on the loom, pick up your first 4 stitches, and then with crochet hook, pull 2 loops through 2 loops. Then proceed with the next two stitches.

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