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Falling Leaves Hat w/ VIDEO

Designed by Amanda Pratt

SCARF PATTERN to be released 11/04


KO – Knit over

EW – E-Wrap

Color A – Green

Color B – Orange

Pattern Notes: This pattern works with chart below. Work outer loom with color B, work inner loom with color A, except where marked on chart with ‘X’.

U Wrap: Wrap yarn around the front of the peg in a ‘U’ shape.

Two Color Reversible Technique: Work with 2 colors of yarn at the same time. Twist A and B clockwise, 2 times so that color B faces the outer loom and color A is toward the inner loom. Wrap same peg on both inner and outer looms. For the next stitch, wrap both strands 2 times counterclockwise between next pegs both inner and outer loom with color A toward the outer loom and color B, the inner. Note: Alternating the wrapping direction keeps the yarn from twisting.  See video.


Set up the loom for double knitting using both the inner and outer looms with the 60 Peg Loom Topper.

Cast on all 60 stitches with Stockinette Cast On.

With Color A, u-wrap peg 1 on outer loom, then wrap peg 1 on inner loom. Then u-wrap peg 2 on the outer loom, then peg 2 on inner loom. Repeat process around loom, until back to peg 1. Place an anchor yarn over stitches. Now wrap every peg a second time. Knit over each peg (take the bottom loop over the top loop on each peg).

Tie on color B.

Round 1: work in stockinette stitch with twisting yarns between each wrap.

Repeat round 1 for a total of 33 rounds using the colors changes on the chart below.

Chart shows 16 rounds. Work chart, 2 times.

On chart, the “X” stitches indicate a change in color. Note: Twist the yarn only 1 time, to change yarn color.

Round 34:  With color B, work stockinette stitch. Cut color B.

Round 35: With Color A, work stockinette stitch.

Move all stitches on the inside loom to the corresponding pegs on the outside loom. Knit over stitches. Move ‘every other’ stitch to the peg on the right. When complete, ‘every other’ peg will be empty, the rest will contain 2 stitches. Knit over all stitches.

Flat Top Bind Off

Wrap working yarn around the loom 2 ½ times and cut. Use a loom hook and pull the working yarn through every other peg with a stitch on it. When back to peg 1, pick up all the stitches left and remove hat from loom. Carefully pull the working yarn until tight and weave in all ends.

Use a crochet hook to finish the cast on edge. Start on the opposite end of the cast on yarn. With a crochet hook pick up the last two loops. Pull the second through the first. Pick up the next loop and pull it through the remaining loop on the crochet hook. Repeat this until you have worked all the stitches, then pull the cast on tail through the remaining loop and tighten.

LOOM:  KB ‘Rotating’ Double Knit Loom, with 60 peg topper..

YARN: approx. 400 yds. Sample knit with 2 yarns, Caron One Pound (Succulent) and Caron Cinnamon Swirl Cakes (Heatwave).

NOTIONS:  Crochet hook, scissors.

SIZE: adult, 21″ head circumference.

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  1. Gorgeous! Looking forward to the scarf pattern, can’t wait to make both! Thank you for this! 💜

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