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Felted Slippers

Loom: All-n-One Loom, 40 pegs needed

Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky in Sable. (2 skeins).

Notions: Tapestry needle, knitting tool, safety pin to mark row.

Other: 2 buttons, size 1 3/8″ (34mm). Puff paint or fabric glue to make the bottom of the slippers less slippery

Gauge: 8 sts x 11 rows= 2 inches in e-wrap knit.

Stitches used: E-wrap knit

Size: 6-7 (8-9, 9-10). Sample shown 6-7 US Women


k=E=wrap knit
CO=Cast On
BBO= Basic Bind Off
GBO=Gather Bind Off Method


CO 36 (38, 40) sts, leaving a 10 inch tail.
Next:  k until piece measures: 8 (8.5, 9) inches from CO edge.  (Place marker on row)
Next two rows: CO 3 sts at beg of row and k to end of row (42, 44, 46  sts total).
Next : knit 3 (3.5, 4) inches from increase point.
Next row: *k2tog; rep from * to the end of row. (21, 22, 23 sts total)
Next row: k
Next row: Size 6-7: *k2tog; rep from * to the last st, k1. Size 8-9: *k2tog, rep from * to the end. Size 9-10: *k2tog; rep from * to last st, k1.
GBO leaving a 15 inch yarn tail. Use tail to mattress stitch seam up the center in the toe area (Red to Blue). Weave tails in.
At the CO edge, mattress stitch the Heel area (Red to Blue)

(make 2)

CO 8 sts.
Next: k until piece measures 4.5 (5, 5.5) inches from CO edge.


Items needed:

Top Load Washer
Zippered pillow case
1 tsp of Eucalan Wool Wash or baby shampoo
Pair of jeans
2 towels

How to:
Insert felted pieces inside zippered pillow case. Set Washer to: Hot and Small cycle. Place 1 tsp of Eucalan Wool Wash or Baby Shampoo in the wash. Place the pair of jeans in the wash. Place the zippered pillow case in the wash. Allow the wash to start its cycle. Pause the wash before it goes into the Rinse cycle. Take out the zippered pillow case and check the felting process of the slippers. The slippers need to shrink to the desired size. If the slippers are not the desired size, repeat the wash cycle from the start. Make sure to remove the felted fabric before the Spin cycle. Leaving it in the spin cycle will create wrinkles. When item has reached desired size, remove items from the zippered pillow case, place them in between both towels and squeeze out as much water as you can.

To mold the slippers, have the recipient wear them for a few minutes. Once they have the foot shape, allow them to dry completely, away from the sun.

When slippers are completely dry, sew the buttons to both straps, one button on each strap. Sew the strap to the toe area of the slippers.

Puff Paint or glue: place small dots on the bottom of the sole to make the slippers less slippery.
Enjoy :).

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  1. do you by any chance have a similar crochet pattern? I do not know how to knit but may have to learn just to make these slippers

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