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Green Mountain Jazz Jacket (dk)

Casual and Comfy as a shawl, but this little jacket hugs your body and creates just enough warm where you need it most. Easy to knit in just 2 pieces. Have some fun with a little color work.


Loom: All-n-One Loom, set up for double knit at 1cm spacing

Yarn: Knit Picks Swish Worsted, 100% Superwash Merino Wool.110 yards per skein. Machine wash and low dry. Colors-Dove Heather (D), 6 skeins, Cornmeal (Y) 1.5 skeins, Lemongrass Heather (B), 1.5 skeins, Rainforest Heather (G), 1.5 skeins.

Size: One size fits youth to most adults. Easy fit.

Stitches: Stockinette and Rib

Notions Needed: Knit hook, Crochet hook, Large darning needle, (1) button, (1”wide) for front closing.

Gauge: In Stockinette- 7 stitches X 9 rows=2 inches



Notes: Front of sweater is made as a shawl in one rectangular piece. If you want to have just a long rectangular shawl, increase the center (D) section by additional 26 rows before doing the other 2 multi-color designs. This will result in a 60” long shawl.

Back of sweater is knit as a square and sewn onto the back of sweater front.


Cast On full loom of 48 double stitches in Stockinette stitch using (D) yarn. Lay anchor yarn.

Work (7) rows in rib stitch.

Change to stockinette stitch and work (7) rows.

Change to rib stitch and work (5) rows.

Next row: Work button hole on stitch # 5-6. Work row in rib.

Work 1 row in rib stitch.

Cut and knot the (D) yarn.

Button Hole: Lift loop off peg #5 and place on peg #6. Do this to both boards. Weave the row in rib stitch on all pegs. When hooking over, lift both lower loops over on peg #6 and do nothing to peg #5. Next row, weave in rib stitch on all pegs. Hook over regular all pegs.

Work the Design section. Tie on a new color at 2nd stitch.

Design Section of 3 Colors:










The 3 color design is a series of 7, 5, 3, and 1 stitch of color rotating with another color. It is all done in Stockinette stitch. If you are doing 1 or 3 stitches of the color, work those stitches front to back. Then pick up other color and weave in Stockinette stitch. When you change to doing 5 or 7 stitches of a color, change to stockinette and do the other one front to back.

Start the design with (3) rows of (B) yarn. Tie on the (Y) yarn and work the design for (5) rows. After the 5 rows of the (Y) design are worked, tie and knot (B) yarn and work (3) rows of (Y) yarn only. Add the (G) yarn to next row. Work the (4) rows of design with (G) yarn. Tie and knot the (Y) yarn. Continue with (G) yarn only for another 5 rows.

After completing the Design Section, tie and knot the (G) yarn and tie on the (D) yarn.

Work in Stockinette stitch for (20) rows. Tie and knot the (D) yarn.

Change to the (B) yarn, and repeat the Design section.

After completing the 2nd design section, you are ready to do the back area of the sweater front.

Tie on the (D) yarn. Work a total of (59) rows starting with (7) rows* in rib stitch. Change to stockinette stitch and work (6) rows*.

Repeat these (13) rows* additional (3) times. Work 1 more section of rib stitch for (7) rows. The back section will be approximately 13” X 13” in size.

Work the Design section in reverse by starting with the (G) yarn.

Work another section of Stockinette stitch for (20) rows in (D) yarn.

Work the Design section in reverse by starting with the (G) yarn. Once complete, tie on the (D) yarn again.

Final section repeats the first section of (7) rows of rib stitch, (7) rows of Stockinette stitch, and (7) rows of rib stitch. This is all done in (D) yarn. Do not repeat the buttonhole.

Do a loose 2 stitch bind off at both ends for front piece. Go over the entire piece and check for yarn tails at the color changes. Make sure they are knotted securely, trim and tuck into the knit. Remove anchor yarn.

Back of Jacket:


Cast On in stockinette stitch (48) stitches with (D) yarn. Lay anchor yarn.

Work (7) rows in rib stitch.

Work (7) rows in Stockinette stitch.

Work (7) rows in rib stitch. Cut and tie (D) yarn

Work the Design section.

Complete the back with (D) yarn working (21) rows.

This is (7) rows of rib stitch, (7) rows in Stockinette stitch, and (7) rows in rib stitch.

Bind Off of loom in this manner.

Move all loops on one board to other board so that there are 2 loops on just one board and the other is empty. Work all the pegs by lifting bottom loop over top. You now have one loop on all pegs of one board.

Bind off this board in 2 loop method as before. This edge will be sewn to the back section of the sweater front.



Use matching yarn for sewing the back to front across back. Do this with invisible stitch. The top of the back piece will fit exactly to the width of the center of front piece, matching the (D) color sections.

When you sew the sides, you want to match up the design colors. For a smaller fit, sew the side seam from hem edge thru the design section. For a looser fit with more relaxed arm openings, just sew up the bottom (D) color section. Match the buttonhole with the correct location for the button and sew with matching yarn.

Your little wrap/jacket is ready to wear with just a turtleneck and jeans, or over your favorite little skirt and leggings.









  1. I have an eighteen inch knittingboard loom with the metal pins. Would this pattern work on it and would I use the half inch spacer?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Karen, If your knitting board has min of 48 stitches, it should work just fine. You may want to knit a bit and see if the 1/2″ spacer results with the same gauge or similar.

  2. Would it be possible to see a picture of the back of the jacket after it has been seemed?

    Thank you.

  3. This is stunning, Pat! Excellent design! 🙂

  4. I have a quick question. Why does the center portion of my double knitting arch upwards from the bottom instead of staying square.

    I have restarted this pattern about 3 times now trying to figure out what or if I am doing something wrong.

    Thanks for the help and the patterns

  5. That is beautiful and I love it and plan on making it

  6. Jenny Stark

    This is a lovely project, Pat! Beautiful colorwork, too.

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