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Heel and Toe Process

Heel and Toe Process

The heel and toe of socks are created by working in short rows, using half the number of pegs used for the complete sock. For example, if the sock uses 52 pegs, pegs 1-26 would be used for the heel. Creating the toe is identical to the heel.

1. Working the heel, start with the beginning peg. Work each peg to the last heel peg (this would be the half way point on the loom). Do not work this last heel peg. Wrap and Turn this peg.


2. Start working back in opposite direction.

3. Work back to the beginning peg. Do not work this first peg. Wrap and Turn 1st peg.


4. Then continue working back to peg before the last wrapped peg. Wrap and Turn on this peg.


5. Continue wrapping and working back and forth until you have wrapped 2/3 of the heel pegs. For example, if using 26 sts for the heel, this means that the first 9 stitches are wrapped and the middle 8 are unwrapped, and the last 9 pegs are wrapped.


6. The second step of the heel is to work back on these wrapped stitches. Continue to work the middle stitches until you come to the first wrapped stitch. Knit this first wrapped stitch. BE CAREFUL to lift both the stitch and the wrapped loop.


7. Then wrap the next peg again. Lift the stitch and the wrap, wrap the peg, and then put both loops back on peg. There will now be 3 loops on this peg. Turn and knit until you reach the first wrapped peg. Knit this peg and then wrap next peg, being careful to get all loops back on the peg.


8. Now continue in this process, working all stitches back and forth until you reach the last wrapped stitch. Work this peg and then wrap the peg outside of the heel pegs.

Once the heel is complete, it is a good idea to add extra reinforcement to each side of sock at beginning and end of heel. To do this, work with stitch on peg adjacent to first and last peg of heel. These 2 pegs are not part of the heel pegs. Pick up the previous stitch (located at base, inside of these pegs). Place it on the first and last heel pegs so that these 2 pegs have 2 loops. When starting the foot of the sock, be sure to work the 2 loops over one on the 1st and last heel pegs and the pegs just outside of the heel pegs.

Note: When creating the short rows in the heel and toe, lift the wraps over before you lift the stitch over on the wrapped pins. This will give the sock a nicer look.