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Increases Mini-Series: Make 1 (M1)

M1=Make 1

Make 1 is an increase that is worked into the horizontal strand of yarn running between two stitches. There are two types of Make 1’s, a left twist  M1L and a right twist M1R. Some patterns do not specify which type of Make 1 to use, whenever the pattern doesn’t specify, it is safe to use the M1L.

M1L=Make 1 left. Twist the horizontal strand of yarn CLOCKWISE.

M1R=Make 1 right. Twist the horizontal strand of yarn COUNTERCLOCKWISE.


  1. Isela,
    Thanks so much for doing the mini-series on increase. I know this will help a lot of the knitters, including myself. I know them all in needle knitting just wasn’t sure on the loom. Thanks again for all your wonderful help!!! Any new races coming up?

  2. Barbara Sibley

    Using 50 pegs. How do I get 2/3rds out of the 25 for the heel/toe?

  3. Melitza Calderon


    How do I M5 on same stitch? The stitch guide says M5 (make): (k1,YO, K1, YO, K1) in same st: 5 sts in one made.

    The pattern calls for the following.

    row 1: K1; *P5tog, M5 in next st; rep from * to last st, K1.

    This is really confusing. Please help me understand how to do this.


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