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Make your knitting wider by adding stitches. There are two methods suggested for increasing stitches, YO Increase and Make 1 (M1). Note : This can be done at both ends of your knitting or just one end.

1. YO Increase on Edge

If the edge of your knitting will be attached to another piece, and edge of knit will not be seen, this simple method can be used. Add a new stitch by simply ewraping the empty peg, next to the last stitch. Then, when knitting the row, wrap again to work the first stitch.


2. Make 1 (M1)

This increase is created within a row and leaves a clean angled edge. At the end of the row, add another stitch by moving the last stitch to the empty peg outward.  Then with knit hook, grab the horizontal strand from behind the empty peg. It is the strand coming from one stitch to the one next to it. Then twist it in a clockwise direction and place on empty peg.




Note: Some patterns will use Make 1L (left), or Make 1R (right). For M1L, twist horizontal strand clockwise; for M1R, twist horizontal strand counterclockwise. If pattern does not specify, use M1L.