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Introduction to Loom Knitting

Why Loom Knit?

Loom knitting creates a very even knit fabric similar to needle knitting, but the process is different and, incredibly easy to learn. Make beautiful knitwear like hats, scarves, cowls, shawls, blankets, sweaters and much more with a simple wrap and hook process. A great benefit of loom knitting is that it’s gentle on wrists and hands and can be faster than knitting needles, especially with double knitting. Also, it’s easy to see your stitches, and keep track of your knitting.

Types of Knitting Looms

Knitting looms are designed to work in single knit and/or double knit. In single knitting, you are creating a knitted piece that looks similar to needle knit. Knitting in flat panel, for projects like scarves, blankets, and shawls, any knitting loom can be used. But single knitting, in the round (tubular shape) for items like hats, cowls, and socks requires a round loom with a set number of pegs.

In double knitting, the knit is created on a long loom/knitting board or with the ‘Rotating’ Double Knit Loom. This requires 2 rows of pegs with an opening in between them. Yarn is wrapped across the loom to utilize both rows of pegs to interlock the stitches, and create a double-sided fabric.  There is no backside.  Double knitting is a great method when you want to put designs in your work.


What Knitting Loom is Best?

Knitting looms come in various shapes and sizes. There are round looms, long looms/ knitting boards, adjustable looms (work as both a round and long loom) and modular looms (you customize with the pegs you need). Choose your loom based on what you would like to create.

Just like in needle knitting, where needles come in different sizes to create different size stitches, looms have the same options. Looms come in a variety of gauges depending on what size stitch you would like to create; fine, small, regular, and chunky gauge. The smaller gauges have thinner pegs with less space between the pegs, and usually use a thinner yarn. The spacing from center of one peg to the center of adjacent peg determines your knitting gauge. Looms with wider spacing between the pegs accommodates thicker yarns, and thus creates larger gauges.

For Beginners a great place to start is with large gauge looms (large pegs), as it is easier to see stitches, and faster to knit. You may consider the Zippy Loom (very large pegs), Flexee Loom Chunky, or Chunky Round Loom Set. For double knitting, start with the simple Basic Loom, or the super versatile All-n-One Loom.


Knitting Loom Options

Round Loom Sets

Round Looms Chunky (large gauge), Round Looms (small gauge), Baby Knit Looms (small gauge).
These knitting loom sets are great for hats, scarves, socks, slippers and other small projects. Each of the looms have a stationary number of pegs which means you can knit one size per loom.

Knitting Looms for Large Projects

Large projects like shawls, blankets, or sweaters, use a loom with at least 100 – 200+ pegs. The best knitting looms for single knit blankets are the Afghan Loom, Multi-Knit Loom, or Flexee Loom (add any number of pegs). For blankets in both single and double knit, an adjustable loom is recommended, 18” All-n-One Loom, 28” Loom or 38” Loom.

Modular Knitting Looms

These knitting looms give you the most flexibility with single knitting in creating various size round looms. The Multi-Knit Loom allows you to snap together parts and create over 18 different configurations. If you want to custom create looms based on each project, the brand new Flexee Loom Links is recommended. It’s a set of (2) peg links that easily connect and allow you to build any size knitting loom. With additional kits, connect more links… the possibilities are endless.


Double Knitting Looms

The All-n-One Loom, 28” Loom, 38” Loom, and the ‘Rotating’ Double Knit Loom all work in both double knit and single knit. For small projects, specifically double-knit hats, the ‘Rotating’ Double Knit Loom is best to create the tubular shape without any sewing.


Sock Looms

These small looms are ideal for knitting socks, but can knit a variety of other small projects, as well. The Sock Loom Original (fine gauge), and Sock Loom 2 (regular gauge) are both adjustable for any size sock. The stationary, (2) sock loom set, His & Her Sock Looms, works really well for adult size socks.


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