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iPad Cozy

Ipad bag

Knit a fashionable iPad cozy to keep your iPad safe from bumps. The felted material also protects the iPad from unwanted spills.

LOOM:  Hat Loom, set at large gauge, at M size (40 pegs every other hole)

YARN:  Approx 275 yds of wool mohair blend bulky weight yarn. Lamb’s Pride Bulky in Cranberry Swirl (250yds) and Lime Sorbet (25 yds) was used in sample.

NOTIONS:  Knitting tool, tapestry needle, row marker (safety pin)

Other: Decorative button, approx 1/2″

GAUGE: 3.5 sts x 4 rows = 2 inches.

SIZE:  Pre-felted: 14.5″ W x  10.5″ H (including flap folded over the front)

Felted: 10″ W x 8″ H



k=knit stitch

p=purl stitch

CO=Cast on

BO=Bind off



MC=Main color (Cranberry Swirl)

CC=Contrasting Color (Lime Sorbet)

INSTRUCTIONS Ipad Bag prefelted

Using MC, cast on 36 sts, prepare to work a flat panel.

Row 1: ewrap k to end of row.

Row 2: p to end of row.

Row 1 and Row 2=1 Garter Stitch ridge.

Rep Row 1 and Row 2, until you have 48 Garter Stitch ridges

Next row: ewrap k to end of row.

Next row, BO 2, p to end. (Place a row marker at this point).

Rep last 2 rows until 8 sets rem.

BO with basic bind off method.

Fold the panel so that the cast on edge lines up with the row that has the stitch marker. Using tapestry needle and MC, mattress stitch down the sides. Weave ends in.

I-cord for flap

Using CC, work a 3-stitch i-cord that is approximately 24 inches long. Using tapestry needle and CC, mattress stitch the i-cord to the tapered flap of the bag, starting at the beginning of the tapered edge, loop the end of the i-cord to form a loop, secure to the edge of the flap.


After felting (see instructions below for felting), fold the flap over to see where to place the button. Sample shows button at the bottom right of the flap. Sew the button in place to the bottom part of the bag. Fold flap over, with a knife of scissors make an opening to the flap, big enough to allow the button to pass through.

Ipad Bag Open Prefelted








Assembly: using the mattress stitch, seam the icord to the cast on edge of the oven mitt. Create a small loop with the remaining icord (to use for hanging)


The magic in this knitting happens when you wash the untreated wool with hot water and the item shrinks, making the stitches smaller, and the fabric thicker.

You will need the following:

1 pillow case with a zipper

Safety Pin

2-3 jeans (to use in agitation)

Eucalan Woolwash or Baby Shampoo

Towels (to squeeze out excess water).

Top Loader Washer


Place all items to be felted inside the zippered pillow case. Secure the zipper with the safety pin (to ensure the pillow case doesn’t open).

Set washer to Small load, and Hot temperature.

Place 1 tsp of Eucalan Woolwash or 1 tsp of Baby Shampoo.

Place the jeans inside the washer.

Place the pillow case inside the washer.

Start the washer. Check the washer again BEFORE it goes into the spin cycle. If the item is not the desired size, re-start the washer from the beginning (simply turn the knob back to the beginning of the wash). Place the pillow case back in the washer and let it go through another cycle, stopping the washer BEFORE it was through the spin cycle. Check again. If not desired size, repeat. *The above samples took 3 cycles.

Once the items are the desired size, remove the items from the pillow case. Take them to the sink. If you used Eucalan Woolwash, rinsing is not required. If you used Baby Shampoo, rinse in cold water. Do not wring the excess water. Place a towel on a flat surface, then place the felted item on top of the towel. Pat dry as much as you can.

Set the items to air dry, away from the sun. The sun may discolor the yarn.

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