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Lacy Shimmer Hat & Cowl (double knit)

Most versatile cowl for any weather! Wear it for warmth, or just as a fashion statement. Knit in fine, lightweight yarn.

LOOM: ‘Rotating’ Double Knit Loom with 60 Peg Loom Toppers for cowl. Both are set up for double knit.

YARN: Lion Brand ‘Shawl in a Ball’, #4 worsted yarn. Cotton and Acrylic blend, machine wash and lay flat to dry. Color, Feng Shui Grey. 1 skein is enough for both cowl and hat.

STITCHES: Rib, Stockinette

NOTIONS: Knit hook, crochet hook, darning needle

SIZE: 12” x 23”, laying flat (doubled) for cowl. Hat fits 22-24” adult head.

GAUGE: 3 sts and 4 rnds=1”







COWL Cast on all 60 pegs in Stockinette. Lay anchor yarn around loom to secure stitches.

Round 1: Rib Stitch

Repeat round one until knit is 12” from cast on stitches, or 50 rounds.

Bind off loosely in rib stitch with crochet hook. Remove from loom.
Bind off loosely at anchor yarn with basic bind off working one strand over one . Carefully remove the anchor yarn.
Weave in any yarn tails. Both edges should be very stretchy.
Your cowl should adapt to scrunched or rolled neck piece. It is also wide enough to be pulled up to cover your head.

HAT Matching hat is made with the original 52 peg looms. Fits adult 22-24” head.

Cast on all 52 pegs in Stockinette. Lay anchor yarn around loom.

Rounds 1-6: Rib stitch

Rounds 7-18: Stockinette for fullness around head.

Change to Rib stitch and work until the hat measures approximately 9” from cast on.
Cut yarn with about 12” of yarn tail remaining.
Move inner loops onto outer pegs, so that there are 2 loops on each of the outer pegs and the inner loom is empty.
Place the yarn tail onto darning needle. Go around loom and pick up the loops on each peg and place onto the yarn. Once the loops are all on the yarn, remove hat from loom. Gather the top of hat by pulling gently on yarn. Before pulling tight, go around the stitches again for a strong gathering yarn. Gather snuggly. Knot on inside of hat with some securing stitches. Trim and weave in ends.

Pom-pom: Start wrapping the yarn around fingers or 4” wide cardboard. Wrap approximately 100 rounds with the section of the skein of yarn to reflect the colors desired. Tie the rounds of yarn securely with a double strand of yarn with 4” tails. Once tied, these tails can be used to tie the pompom onto the hat. Cut the loops so that they are single strands.
Cut pompom to desired length and shape. Tie and knot to inside of hat. Weave in yarn tails.

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