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Meet Our Designers


Isela Phelps

Isela has been loom knitting for over three decades. She learned to loom knit on a corker at her grandmother’s side. She is the author of various loom knitting publications, including the best seller series, Loom Knitting Primer. She lives in Utah with her husband and three children. She has been the KB Looms in-house designer for several years.


Renita Harvey

Renita Harvey taught herself to loom knit at age 13 when she received a round knitting loom as a gift. Loom knitting is now her passion, and she enjoys teaching her knowledge to others. She started designing patterns in 2013 after loom knitting became a form of therapy for her health issues. Her love of being challenged and solving problems has made her grow in the field of loom knitting beyond anything she ever expected.  Renita Harvey has a bachelor degree in Mathematics and lives with her 2 children in historic Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  She hosts the Loom FAQ at the KB Blog with answers to many beginner loom knitter questions.


Denice Johnson

Denice discovered knitting looms back in 2010 while shopping at a local Walmart, fell in love with the craft and has been loom knitting since. She started publishing her own designs in 2015. She is the owner and creator of Loomed Designs by Denice. She plans to continue to design accessories and wearable pieces for many years to come. Denice resides in Pennsylvania with her significant other and son.


Ace Beorchia

Ace is a new designer with some big ideas! He wears his passions on his sleeves (sometimes literally) and loves sharing the relaxing art of loom knitting. He lives in Tennessee with his wife and two future loom knitters.


Amanda Pratt

Amanda is from Ohio where she lives with her fiance and two children. She began loom knitting in 2006 while pregnant with her oldest, and loved it instantly. She was able to make really beautiful knits with no experience…and she was hooked! In 2011 Amanda began a youtube channel, Hypnotic Hysteria Looming, to share her knowledge and patterns with new loom knitters. She is an expert in double knitting techniques and has shared with us many new methods for creating double knit in the round on the ‘Rotating’ Double Knit Loom.


Pat Novak

Pat has been loom knitting in double knit for over 20 years and is our in house expert in the area. She has contributed to over 50 patterns, stitches and techniques. Check out her Double Knit 101 Series, part  I, part II, part III, and part IV.


Jenny Stark

Jenny has loved fiber arts and needlework for more than 20 years. She learned to loom knit in 2007 and began writing patterns for the craft shortly after. Loom knitting has brought her much happiness and many wonderful friends. Jenny lives in Utah with her husband and four children.


Bethany Dailey

Bethany has loved the art of loom knitting since 2005. She discovered that even with hand and wrist limitations, she was still able to successfully create lots of fibery goodies on her knitting looms. She soon began teaching locally, as well as online through her website, As well as participating in various loom knitting publications over the years, Bethany has authored her own book, Loom Knitting for Little People. She is also the author of Stitchology at KB Looms, as well as being a regular design contributor.


Jacque Darragh

Jacque has been loom knitting since 2008 and has a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts. She is also creative in several other areas, having written and recorded 5 albums of Christian music. Jacque has had a life long yearning to knit and crochet, but was never able to produce beautiful pieces until she found the knitting board. Her favorite projects are afghans and throws with lots of color, intarsia and fair isle knitting.