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Miniature Christmas Sock

Designed by Jenny Stark

We Need a Little Christmas by Johnny Mathis has been on my mind today.  I hope this little project will bring a little holiday happiness to you.  Knit a little Christmas spirit with this cheery little sock and place it in your tree.  Or, fill it with a little present and gift a little Christmas to someone dear to you.

img_3686Knitting Loom: KB Sock Loom 2

Yarn: Small amounts of worsted weight yarn in holiday colors.  Sample includes Vanna’s Choice in Cranberry, White, and Olive.

Notions: knitting tool, scissors, yarn needle.

Gauge: Not critical for this project.

Finished Size: Approximately 2.5″ wide by 4.5″ long


Special Techniques:

Wrap & Turn (W&T):  Lift stitch(es) on peg.  Wrap working yarn around the peg.  Replace held stitch(es) on to peg above the wrap just created.  Continue on as directed in the pattern.

Basic Graft Cast Off:  See this tutorial.


Using Cranberry, Cast on 24 pegs.


Rounds 1-6:  K2, P2 to end of round.


Drop Cranberry to center of loom.  With White,  knit 4 rounds.

Drop White to center of loom.  With Olive, knit 6 rounds.

Drop Olive to center of loom.  Pick up Cranberry.  Knit 1 round.

Short row shaping:

Continue working with Cranberry.

Knit pegs 1-11.  W&T on 12.

Knit pegs 11-2.  W&T on 1.

Knit pegs 2-10.  W&T on 11.

Knit pegs 10-3.  W&T on 2.

Knit pegs 3-9.  W&T on 10.

Knit pegs 9-4.  W&T on 3.

Knit pegs 4-8.  W&T on 9.

Knit pegs 8-5.  W&T on 4.

Knit pegs 5-9.  W&T on 10.

Knit pegs 9-4.  W&T on 3.

Knit pegs 4-1o.  W&T on 11.

Knit pegs 10-3.  W&T on 2.

Knit pegs 3-11.  W&T on 12.

Knit pegs 11–2.  W&T on 1.

Knit pegs 2–24.


Continuing with Cranberry, knit 4 more rounds.

Drop Cranberry to center of loom.  With White, knit 4 rounds.

Cut White, leaving a long enough tail for weaving in.  With Olive, knit 6 rounds.

Cut Olive, leaving a long enough tail for weaving in.

With Cranberry, knit 1 round.

Repeat short row shaping section.

Knit 1 more round with Cranberry.

Remove from the loom using the basic graft cast off.

eta – Weave in all ends.  Add an ornament hanger, if desired.


Wishing you much joy and happiness this Holiday Season!




  1. This is truly adorable, Jenny! :D Puts me in a very festive mood!

    1. Thank you Bethany :)

  2. how do you unknit a row of stitches?

    1. Hi Maureen,

      I found a video tutorial that should be helpful to you. You can find it here:

      I hope that helps. Have a great weekend!

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