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Mirage Hat w/video

Pattern and video by Amanda Pratt

LOOM: KB ‘Rotating’ Double Knit Loom using the 60 peg topper.

YARN:  Pattons Kroy Sock Yarn FX in color Cascade and Celestial, 1 skeins of each color.

NOTIONS:  knitting hook, tapestry needle, row counter (optional).

SIZE:  Adult

Pattern Notes: This pattern works in both single knit and double knit. Single knit, using the outer loom only for brim, then switching to double knit for the body of the hat.  Complete video at end of pattern.


DK= double knit

B= Blue yarn

P=  Purple yarn


Chain Cast on 60 pegs using outer loom only, prepare to work in the round with color B (blue).

Round 1-15: With B, knit 2, purl 2 t o end of round.

Brim works in single knit with the outer loom. Add the inner loom and prepare to work in double knit.


Work all rows in Stockinette stitch, criss crossing 2 colors  of yarn.  How-to Video shows the yarn color crossing technique. The yarn colors below indicate which yarn color is wrapped around the outer loom.

Round 1: P5, B5, repeat.

Round 2: P2, B1, P2, B2, P1, B2, repeat.

Round 3: P1, B3, P1, B1, P3, B1, repeat.

Round 4: B5, P5, repeat.

Round 5: P1, B3, P1, B1, P3, B1, repeat.

Round 6: P2, B1, P2, B2, P1, B2, repeat.

*Repeat round 1-6 of the body 4 more times* Decrease inside and outside loom. place every 4th stitch on the peg to the right.

 Round 7: P

Decrease a second time so that ‘every other’ peg on both looms contains 1 stitch.

 Round 8: P

Remove each stitch from the inside loom, placing them on the corresponding peg on the outer loom.

 BIND OFF: Flat Top Bind Off

Full Video

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