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Mistletoe Mittens (double knit)


Designed by Pat Novak

Loom: All-n-One Loom set up for double knit with 1cm spacer

Stitches: Rib Stitch and Stockinette

Yarn:  Plymouth Encore Chunky wool/acrylic blend.  1 skein of red and 1/2 skein multi pink. Or, use any wool/acrylic #6 yarn of choice in 2 colors.  (R)=red, (M)=Multi

Notions: Knit hook, crochet hook, large sewing needle, (2) heavy duty stitch holders for thumbs

Size: Youth small and (medium adult) Youth- Folded Mitten: cuff to top=10”   Width at bottom of thumb=4.5”  Thumb length=3”  Cuff width=3.5”

Gauge: 3 sts and 5 rows=1”


Cast on 22 (26) stitches in stockinette with (M) yarn. Place anchor yarn.

Work (6) rows in rib stitch.

Tie on (R) yarn at 2nd stitch. Cut and knot (M) yarn.

Work 8 (10) rows in rib stitch with (R) yarn.

Change to stockinette and work (2) rows.

Next row, increase one stitch each end.

Work row in stockinette.

Work 3 (4) additional rows in stockinette.


Increase Row:

You will increase 6 (8) times across row. This means you need to shuffle all the loops on your pegs over to create 6 (8) open pegs. Move loops outward on pegs 3, 7, and 12 ( and 14 for larger size) on left side of loom, creating open pegs. Do the same thing on right side. Do this to both boards.   Pick up loops from previous row on pegs adjacent to open pegs and place the loops onto the open pegs. You now have 6 (8) additional stitches.

Work the 30 (36) stitches for 2 (4) additional rows.

Thumb Opening:

Slip center 10 stitches onto a stitch holder, one for each board. Drop the holders with loops secured, thru the boards, so that the holders are below the boards. Shift the 10 (13) loops of each side together, so that they are adjacent to each other in center. Do this slowly and carefully as it is important.


At center of loom, lift loop on peg 10 and 11. Place loop 10 on peg 11. Place loop 11 on peg 10. Do this to both boards. This twist will reinforce the thumb, and pull the stitches together.  Larger size, use the loops on pegs 11 and 12.

Work additional 12 (16) rows in stockinette.



Decrease Row:

Decrease (1) stitch each end. Simply place first and last stitch, on each board, onto adjacent pegs so that these pegs now have 2 loops and there are new empty peg at each end of loom.

At center, place (2) center loops onto the adjacent pegs, one to right and one to left.

This creates (2) open pegs in center.

Work row in stockinette, skipping the open pegs in center of loom. Hook over all stitches, and work the pegs with 2 loops as one.   All pegs will have just one loop.

Move loops over to center with no open pegs.

Repeat the decrease row.

Hook over, so that all pegs have just one loop.

Shift all loops over to meet the other set of loops, so that they are adjacent, with no open pegs.

Repeat the decrease row (2) additional times.

Shift all loops on one board over to meet the other set of loops on opposite board.

You have 2 loops on all pegs on one board. Bind off by lifting both loops and pulling 2 loops thru 2 loops. Knot at end of board. Remove from loom.

Thumb Finishing:

Place the (10) thumb loops back onto the boards from the stitch holders. This will be tight, so you may want to pull up on all 10 loops on each stitch holder to loosen them up before trying to transfer them back to loom.

Be sure to place them directly across, so that both pegs of each stitch are lined up.

Tie in yarn (R) to 2nd inside stitch.

Work in stockinette for 2 (3) rows.

Tie on (M) yarn. Cut (R) yarn and knot.

Work in stockinette for 6 (8) rows with (M) yarn.

Decrease all stitches by placing loop 1 onto 2 and 3 onto 4, and 5 onto 6, 7 onto 8, and 9 onto 10. This leaves 2 loops on every other peg and an empty peg between. Hook over, one over one.

Move all loops together, so that there are no empty pegs.

Cut yarn with a 10” tail for sewing the thumb.

Thread yarn tail onto sewing needle. To remove the mitten from loom, transfer the loops onto the yarn tail. Hold loops on yarn and remove the loom.

Bind Off at anchor yarn with 2-loop method or crochet across the loops for even edge.


Fold mitten over.

Sew thumb with yarn tail, easing the top edges to a rounded finish.

Secure well at base of thumb.

Sew mitten with matching yarn for each section of mitten, easing in the top for a nice oval shape. Continue sewing to close in the mitten.

Tuck in all yarn tails.

Repeat all for the 2nd mitten.

Day 4





  1. Jacquelyn Darragh

    These are precious! I can’t wait to knit some for the grand kids and a pair for me as well. These Advent knitting patterns are just the greatest idea…thanks for doing this for us!

  2. Catherine Keller

    These are AWESOME!!! I really need to try this!!!

    1. Hi Catherine, I know you’ll have fun with this, as it’s easy and fun. Thanks, Pat

  3. If I wanted to make these larger, for men, what would you recommend?

    1. Hi Alyna, The cuff is plenty large for woman or man in the adult size, but it can be enlarged with cast on of 28 stitches. You can make the palm longer by working a few more rows before the thumb opening. Then, when you do the increase row, you an add another 2 or 4 increases. You can also make the finger area longer by working more rows before the decrease rows. Just be sure you start your mitten in center of the loom so you will have plenty of room for the increases. If you add another 2 inc to the increase row, and another 2 to the cast on, you will be working on 40 pegs until the decrease starts.

  4. Thanks, Jacquelyn. The mitts were actually knit by an Unknown knitter. I just wrote the pattern for everyone to share. They will now be donated in our Holiday program for American Vets and Homeless children. We will be shipping about Dec 20 to these organizations.

  5. These mitts look so soft and cozy. I love the pattern name, too!

  6. Hi Jenny, Thanks. They just made me think of mistletoe. Have a great holiday.

  7. Tracy Orten

    I just finished my 1st mitten using this pattern & the KB rotating double knit loom. I love my soft, squishy & thick dk mitten! Now, on to the mate :) Thank you very much for sharing this great pattern!

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