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‘Rotating’ Double Knit Loom


Introducing the ‘ROTATING’ Double Knit Loom!  This loom features the new ‘patent pending’ rotating base.   You no longer have to change positions as you knit, the loom rotates as you work!

Loom sits comfortably on your lap, or on a table. It’s compact and lightweight …so easy to use.

Knit in the round, or knit flat panels. Use some of the pegs, or all 52 of them, depending on width of knit desired.



The loom comes in parts for easy assembly: (6) legs, (1) inner loom, (1) outer loom, (1) rotating base, instruction booklet and knit hook.

It’s super fast to set up with snap-in-place parts.  Set it up with inner and outer loom, and 6 legs for double knitting. Or set it up with outer loom only, using 3 legs, for single knitting.

It’s so easy! Made of high quality durable plastic.  The booklet will show you how to quickly and easily configure the loom for your project.


This loom is great for Hats, Scarves, Cowls and Shawls…. whatever, and however, you choose to create; this loom can make creating your project FUN and EASY!  Recommend yarn #4 or #5 for double knitting, and #2, #3, or #4, for single knitting.

The Double Knit Loom includes very detailed instructions with lots of how-to photos, introducing the double knit ‘in the round’ process. Get started with these easy fun projects.   More patterns/projects coming soon!  Click on photo for pattern.








For faster knitting also check out the Loom Double Hooks, knits two pegs at the same time.


  1. AWESOME!!!!! Where and when they be in retail stores

  2. Hi Caroline,
    That just depends on the retail chain….how many of their stores that they schedule for the product and the timing of the purchase. I would just check with your local stores in September and maybe they can answer this for you.

  3. Anabela Barbosa

    I love it i’m from Portugal. When is ready to sale?

    1. Hi Anabela,
      We can ship now when your order is received.
      Thanks, Pat

  4. I have the new round and sock looms. Just I ordered the rotating loom and the double hooks and I can’t wait to get them.

    1. Thank you for your support of KB!!

  5. I ordered last night before the coupon came out. That will teach me to jump the gun! LOL

  6. I’m so anxious! I love all the looms, I have and used all of them to date. I can hardly wait.

  7. Dave McAuliffe

    What’s the widest selection n the hats it can make?

    1. It is awesome for adult double knit hats, and single knit child to youth size depending on stitch. For flat panels in both single and double knit approximately 16″ wide.

  8. thelma pelczarski

    would love to buy one of these but where can I find them.

  9. Kimberly Eddy

    This looks interesting. Are there any video tutorials available?

    1. Not yet, planning in September.

  10. When and where can I buy it?

  11. can a video be made showing how this loom works. I have not done double knit and am not quite getting it if I need this loom

    1. We are working on a series of videos, expecting to be up in September. We will announce as date gets closer.

  12. Are you able to knit a double knit scarf with this

    1. Yes you can knit a double knit scarf up to approximately 16″ wide.

  13. Regina Greco

    I just purchased one the other day I can’t wait to get this loon and the new picks. I knit hats and scarves for homeless vets and this will help me get more done quicker Thanks for making this new loom and picks

  14. I’m not seeing a price on this one. I purchased the premium round looms and the his & her sock looms which I saw prices but for some reason, not on this one. Looks very interesting!!

  15. $29.99. Today Monday is the last day of the coupon code: “Doubleknit”

  16. The loom sounds wonderful, but I am concerned with the fact that there are only 6 or was it 8 patterns to use with this loom. Will I be able to use any of my hat and scarf patterns on it? Particularly concerned with doing youth hats. I have a 10 year old and a 35 year old that I want to make hats for.

    1. Hi Deborah,
      You can use all your scarf patterns up to 52 stitches on the loom in single knit or double.
      The hat knitting is same as working on a round loom. The youth hats are just a matter of what is the head measurement, and how deep do you want to make it. Also, I would experiment with different yarns. You may want to make them in the single knit.

  17. What is the advantage of a double Loom vs. just one Loom? What can you make with the double?

    1. Hi Ann, You use a double set of pegs to work in double knit. Before, all double knit was done in a flat panel and then sewn together. This loom allows you to create a double knit hat in circular and therefore, no seam. If you are not familiar with double knit, you may enjoy the videos on the website to see what can be done and some advantages of working in double knit as well as single knit.

  18. Olga chavira

    Where I can find those looms thank you

    1. Hi Olga, All available looms can be purchased on website Some hobby and craft stores will be carrying some looms, but you need to check with your local stores for availability.

  19. Using the afghan loom and a figure eight stitch, how much yarn is needed to make an lapghan? What are the measurements of an average size lapghan?

  20. When you do the tutorials will you please make one showing the various ways to work color changes. I have no problem with single knit but, I am having issues with the double knit. I have the new double knit round loom (which I love ??). I have watched the available videos, they aren’t quite enough. Showing how to carry yarn, start new rounds, attaching new yarn, would greatly help! I am not newbie, and as such, I know that these videos would be of immense value to new loom knitters! Also, would some one make a video showing how to create your own cable patterns. Cables are easy to learn with practice, but a mystery on how to combine different types. Hope that makes sense. Thanks!

    1. We will keep this in mind for the next tutorials. Thank you.

  21. If the fabric goes down the legs to the base, how do you do any length, without piling it up there? Thanks!

    1. Hi Linda, If you are doing a hat, you can just roll it up until the hat is done. If its a flat panel, just allow the length to come out between the legs and there will be no limit as to how long the piece becomes.

  22. Socorro Bustamante

    Donde se puede conseguir el instructivo en español

  23. I have the double rotating loom but have lost one of the legs that hold up the loom. Where can I buy the leg without having to get a whole other loom?

    1. We currently do not sell individual “legs” for the rotating loom.

  24. Diane M Roeder

    I see mention of knitting shawls on this loom. It doesn’t seem to me that it would knit a flat piece wide enough for that . Would a shawl be knit by making two panels and joining them?

    1. You can knit a thinner shawl, probably that will lay flat about 20″. If you desire one that is larger than 20″ then you will most likely need to work 2 panels then seam them up.

  25. Love this loom you can do so much with it I lovebit

  26. I am interested in loom knitting but having problems deciding which loom(s) I need. I’m thinking a round loom is better for me but how do I choose? What are the advantages of the double knitting option with the rotating loom? I’m itching to get started!
    Thank you
    Annie W

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