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Plushy Zippy Blanket

4 Hour Project! Great pattern for beginners just learning to knit!! Super easy, one stitch, and 4 color changes.

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LOOM:  (4) Zippy Looms and (4) Zippy Corners 20 pegs total, or Zippy Master Set.

YARN:  Approx 160 yds total. 5 balls of Mainstay Chunky Yarn #6 super bulky yarn was used in sample. 2 colors: (2) white and (3) teal. 100% polyester chenille.

STITCHES: E-wrap knit

NOTIONS:  Knitting tool, tapestry needle, crochet hook (size S/19.0mm), one stitch marker

SIZE:  26” wide x 68” long

GAUGE:  3.5 stitches x 5 rows = 4” in e-wrap knit stitch

NOTES: A=White color yarn;  B=Teal color yarn. This blanket is knit in 5 color sections. One ball of yarn per section.


Assemble (4) Zippy Looms and (4) Zippy Corners in a square, total 20 pegs.

Mark the first peg with a stitch marker.

Using color B, cast on 20 stitches, prepare to work a flat panel.

Row 1: E-wrap knit to the end of row.

Repeat Row 1 until end of yarn ball and you are back to first peg.

Tie on new color A at the beginning of the next row.  The first peg is wrapped with new color.

Repeat process of e-wrap.

Continue alternating colors, one ball of yarn per section.

After 5 sections of color, ending with B teal color, bind off with basic bind off method. Weave in ends.



  1. Hello. Is this a blanket or a shawl? As in the picture it appears to be more likea shawl.
    Thank you.

    1. It is a blanket but it is wide enough to be a shawl. It is more like a lap-blanket

  2. Marina Fowler

    Love seeing all of the posted patterns

  3. I want to make the visor beanie can not find a place to comment What peg is used for cast on, then do the visor then do row 6-11 starting with peg 1

    Am I attaching the firs row of visor to row 5? When visor is done where do I find row 5 to knit 6-11

    I can not quite get it clear in my head

    Thanks for all your help

  4. Beautiful lap blanket
    Please help with sock video

  5. What wool did you use for this?

  6. Can this be made o the all in one loom using worsted woool?

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