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Q & A: Twisting Yarns

Q & A:

Deanna asks: I’m using doubled yarn to make an afghan for a child. ( I’m a beginner ) . The yarn gets so twisted – HELP! How do you prevent this ?


We all at one point or another have had to use two yarns as one and unfortunately we have all probably been found like a cat tangled amidst yards of yarn. I have done it so many times that I distinctly remember one day being so tangled up that I just cut the yarns and threw the big knot in the garbage, hahaha, I guess I lost my patience there for a bit.

Two methods I have found to be successful:

1. Wind each skein into a center pull ball then, keep one yarn to my left and one yarn to my right. I get two boxes, or two bags and I set each one by my right foot or left foot. I pull both them at the same time and have a small “pool” of yarn on my lap ready to be worked. Once I finished the “pool” of yarn, I go ahead and pull a little more onto my lap.

2. Wind the two separate skeins into one single skein. Both of them will be together and ready to be knitted.

I hope this helps a bit. Do any of our readers have any other suggestions?

Here kitty kitty



  1. Thank you so much for lesson #1 lol. I have also thrown away that blob of yarn. I will keep working at it. I received the DVD set – it’s awesome! I’ve finally learned to cast off! Is it ok to be an addicted beginner ? LOL

  2. Jackie Sickle

    I made my swatch with the knit st. Would the flat st. Make the peg count different. I thought I’d do the flat st.for my sock?

    1. Jackie,
      In most cases, yes, the flat stitch is a little bit tighter stitch, so it will make a difference in your swatch, not much but definitely a difference.

  3. I have every size knitting board and love using them! But I have a traditional knit pattern for a poncho that has rows and rows of vertical cables all around the front and back of the poncho. Is there any way to adapt the poncho pattern for the knitting board instead of using regular needles?

  4. Helena Walker

    Happy New Year,
    I would like to know the cast on peg numbers on the all in one loom for all head sizes please.
    I am hoping my next projects to be head wrap/ ear warmer type item for young children ages two to six.
    Thank you for your time.

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