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Ribbed Shawl w/fringe (DK)

Get started this fall with a beautiful Double Knit Ribbed Shawl. Super easy to make on the 10″ or 28″ Knitting Board. It can be whipped up in couple days….AND oh soooo soft!!

Beautiful Shawl that is so super easy and quick to knit that it is sure to be a favorite wrap.  Great starter project in double knit, and looks equally beautiful as a scarf.  You can use your 18” or 28” knitting board for this one, and have it ready to wear to dinner tomorrow evening.

LOOM: All-n-One Loom or 28″ Loom, 44 stitches needed.

YARN:  Lion Brand Homespun, Baroque in shades of purple, 8 skeins reserving 1 skein for the fringe.     98% Acrylic and 2% Polyester, 185 yd per skein   (6 oz/169m)

SIZE:  26” X 72” including fringe– Width relaxes to 36” when draped.

NOTIONS: knit hook, large darning needle, and crochet hook size 8.

GAUGE:  2 sts=1”  4 rows=1”


Cast On 44 stitches, using a basic cast on (stockinette).

Work in Rib st until you piece is desired length (sample is aprox 54” before fringe).  This will be aprox 216 rows knit in Rib stitch.

Bind Off in Rib stitch using the crochet hook by lifting 1 loop over 1 loop.  This will maintain the nice stretchy edge to match the cast on edge.

If you are using the 10” Knitting Board, you will create a 2nd panel just like the first making sure to work the same amount of rows as the first panel.  Lay the panels out on long table or clean floor, and match the long sides.  Using a darning needle and single strand of yarn, sew the panels together with the invisible stitch.  Do not pull too tight as you sew; you will want the knit to remain stretchy, so small stitches are best.  Secure at both ends with a stitch leaving a long yarn tail that will blend with the fringe.

Did you save 1 skein of yarn for the fringe?  You want to make this nice and thick so the shawl will drape nicely and give a full, luxurious effect.

Cut the yarn so that you have pieces aprox 19-20” long.  You want to have a fringe piece for each edge stitch.  So if your shawl is 44 sts wide, you should have at least 88 pieces cut for both ends.  Fold each piece in center and place in one edge stitch starting from one side edge.  Using crochet hook, pull the 2 ends of yarn thru the loop and pull snuggly.  Always pull the loop into the stitch from same side of shawl.  Work a few pieces and then, do some fringe at opposite edge working towards center.  Continue adding the fringe until all 44 sts are complete.  It is not necessary that they are all even in length.  The variation adds to the charm of the shawl.  Add fringe to opposite end of shawl and you are ready to emerge with your beautiful new wrap, or save it to place under the Christmas tree for your favorite relative or friend.




  1. What spacing is the board? 1/2 inch, 1 inch, or 1 1/2 inch? Thanks.

  2. If you use a 10″ or a 28″ Knitting Board, 1/2″ spacing. If using the All-n-One loom, use 2cm spacing. That will make the same gauge.

  3. Angela Chan

    It is amazing to use knitting board to make something. I seach online how knitting board looks like. It seems to be a two pieces of wood and some nail. May I ask, how many centiment between to nail and how thick is the nail? Thank you

  4. Hello
    I will be using the All-n-One loom, you say to use the 2cm spacing.
    Q1: I would cast on 44 sts??
    Q2: Would a chain cast on work ??
    Thank you B.

  5. Hello
    This is double knitting, using both sides??

    1. Yes, it is double knit.

  6. Called4hispurpose

    Not really understanding what Gauge: 2 sts=1” 4 rows=1” actually means I am new to knitting, so appreciate if you can help me.

    1. It is measuring the number of stitches you get per inch and the number of rows per inch. In one inch, you should have 2 stitches. In one inch, you should have 4 rows. A sample swatch is required to measure the gauge. Cast on approximately 16 stitches and work about 5 inches. Take it off the loom, then measure the gauge.

  7. Hi Loom Knitting Family, Sue & everybody ?
    I need help plz, : Using the Fine Soc Loom, how many stitches are needed ? I know how to make socks using the ‘All In One’ Loom, so this can’t be too difficult. Isn’t there a different formula ? My shoe size is 11W. (Women’s). My husband’s is size 14W. Thank you for your assistance.

    Thank you

    1. Hi,
      We have a chart on our blog that provides the number of stitches to cast on for a sock.Try this link:

  8. Plz excuse that ? mark. That was a slip on the keys .

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