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Ribbing Stitch (dk ‘in the round’)

Knitting double knit in the round on the Double Knit Loom requires the regular double knit stitches to be reinvented to work with the circular shape.


1. Wrap from beginning peg (peg 1) to peg 3 on inner loom.

2 Continue wrapping ‘every other peg’ until you wrap the peg across from the starting peg (starting peg marked with stitch marker). Skip the 2 pegs (marked with red arrows), wrap peg adjacent to the starting peg, then go to inner loom and wrap the consecutive peg. This will change your angle.



3. Then continue wrapping ‘every other’ peg.  You will be working in same direction, but at opposite angle.

4. When you end the round, the wrapping should look like photo below.

5. At this point, lay an anchor yarn around the stitches, between the looms, with yarn tails dangling below the looms.

6. Then repeat the process again starting with wrap around the starting peg on outer loom.  Once you have two rounds complete, hook over all pegs starting with outer loom.  Continue working as many rib rounds as desired or as pattern dictates, always starting on beginning peg.


See links for additional stitches:

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  1. Maryann smedley

    I bought your sock loom the one that you can adjust by skidding the one piece it is plastic. I was watching a video on knitting a sock and the tool that was suppose to come with this loom is not the one I got with my loom. The other one looks like it is a lot Easter to use. Where can I buy one like that. It had an extra little hook on the end. Thank You.

    1. Please contact us at and send us a picture of the knitting tool you receive and we can confirm whether you received the correct knitting tool. We only have two knitting tools–one with a wooden handle and one with an orange handle; both have only one little hook.

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