‘Rotating’ Double Knit Loom


Create double knit and single knit ‘in the round’!!

Brand new concept in loom knitting… knit on a rotating, elevated base, and keep all your work in one spot. Loom moves as you knit! And now pegs have grooves on both sides for more knitting options!!

Great for hats, cowls, scarves and shawls!
Snap together parts for easy assembly. Works great with the Loom Double Hook.

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Total Pegs: inner loom 52 pegs, and outer loom 52 pegs

Gauge: approx 4 rows = 1″

Peg Spacing: inner loom 7/16″ outer loom 1/2″ (center to center of pegs)

Size:  8″ tall x 9″ wide (assembled)

Material: High grade plastic

Recommend #4 or #5 yarn for double knit, and lace to worsted weight for single knit. Loom works great with the Loom Double Hook, for faster knitting. Now pegs have grooves on both sides for more knitting options.

How-to Stitches: Rib Stitch (dk in the round)  Alternate Rib Stitch (dk in the round)  Mock Cable Stitch (dk in the round)

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Kit includes:

(1) rotating base, (1) inner loom, (1) outer loom, (6) legs, instructions, projects and knit hook.

dkl-hat-withbrim.jpg  doubleknithat-withoutbrim.jpg   mens-scarfcrop.jpg  dkl-cowl.jpg

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 10 in