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Schooner Socks

The fall months are soon approaching, it is time to begin knitting all those beautiful fall projects. One of my favorite fall project category is socks. I love to see a drawer full of cheerful handknit socks. Today, we bring you the Schooner Socks. These are worked with sock weight yarn and our new extra fine gauge knitting loom. schooner

Pattern Information

Knitting Loom: Extra Fine Gauge (EFG) Sock Loom.

Yarn: 400-500 yds of sock weight yarn. Sample shown in Knit Picks Felici in Schooner.

Notions: knitting tool, tapestry needle, 2 double pointed needles size US 1 or 2.

Size: shown in 8.5-9 inch circumference

Gauge: 17sts and 23 rows=2 inches


K=knit stitch

P=purl stitch

Sl1=slip the stitch/peg; in this stitch pattern, place yarn behind the peg.


Stitch Patterns

Round 1: *k3, sl1; rep from * to the end of round.

Round 2: k to the end of round.

Rep Row 1 & Row 2 for stitch pattern.

How to sl1—Take yarn behind the peg that you are “slipping”. Example: Knit pegs 1, 2, 3, take yarn behind peg 4; this completes one repeat, start again at peg 5 by knitting peg 5, 6, 7, then slipping peg 8, repeating the sequence all around the round.

Pattern Notes

Clockwise direction around the loom. Knit Stitch refers to the knit stitch, may substitute with flat stitch or u-stitch; ewrap not recommended.


Cast on 64sts, join in the round.

Rnds 1-8: *k2, p2; rep from * to the end of round

Rnd 9: *k3, sl1; rep from * to the end of round

Rnd 10: k

Rep Rnd 9 & Rnd 10: until leg measures 6 inches from cast on edge (or until leg

measures desired length from cast on edge). End on a Rnd 9.


Worked flat with short-rows on first 32 pegs

Knit from peg 1-32. Wrap & Turn peg 33.

Knit from peg 32-2. Wrap & Turn peg 1.

Knit from peg 2-31. Wrap & Turn peg 32.

Knit from peg 31-3. Wrap & Turn peg 2.

Knit from peg 3-30. Wrap & Turn peg 31.

Knit from peg 30-4. Wrap & Turn peg 3.

Knit from peg 4-29. Wrap & Turn peg 30.

Knit from peg 29-5. Wrap & Turn peg 4.

Knit from peg 5-28. Wrap & Turn peg 29.

Knit from peg 28-6. Wrap & Turn peg 5.

Knit from peg 6-27. Wrap & Turn peg 28.

Knit from peg 27-7. Wrap & Turn peg 6.

Knit from peg 7-26. Wrap & Turn peg 27.

Knit from peg 26-8. Wrap & Turn peg 7.

Knit from peg 8-25. Wrap & Turn peg 26

Knit from peg 25-9. Wrap & Turn peg 8.

Knit from peg 9-24. Wrap & Turn peg 25.

Knit from peg 24-10. Wrap & Turn peg 9.

Knit from peg 10-23. Wrap & Turn peg 24.

Knit from peg 23-9. Wrap & Turn peg 10.

Knit from peg 11-22. Wrap & Turn peg 23.

Knit from peg 22-12. Wrap & Turn peg 11.

Reverse Short-row shaping

If a peg has two loops on it, treat them as one.

Knit from peg 12-23.

Knit from peg 23-11.

Knit from peg 11-24.

Knit from peg 24-10

Knit from peg 10-25

Knit from peg 25-9

Knit from peg 9-26

Knit from peg 26-8

Knit from peg 8-27

Knit from peg 27-7

Knit from peg 7-28

Knit from peg 28-6

Knit from peg 6-29

Knit from peg 29-5

Knit from peg 5-30

Knit from peg 30-4

Knit from peg 4-31

Knit from peg 31-3

Knit from peg 3-32

Knit from peg 32-2

Knit from peg 2-33

Knit from peg 33-1

End of heel. From this point on we will work in the round to create the sole and the instep.

Next rnd: k

**Next rnd: k31, sl1, *k3, sl1; rep from * to the end of rnd

Next rnd: k **

Rep from ** to ** until sole measures 2 inches less (approx 24 rounds less) than desired length.

Toe Shaping

Repeat heel instructions exactly.

Closing the Toe

Place half of the stitches on a double pointed needle (1-32) and the

other half on the second double pointed needle (33-64). Cut the working yarn leaving a 24 inch long tail to use to close the toe area. Use the kitchener stitch to close the toe.

Finishing: Weave all yarn tail ends. Block lightly.



  1. I have purchased the all in one loom and a pattern book with a turquoise slouchy hat on the cover. I want to make that hat! I know how to do the M1L but I cannot figure out how to go from 60 to 80 stitches! The directions are not clear. From what I have read it seems to be a problem for a lot of loom knitters out there. Where is the answer? I bought that book for that pattern and don’t think it’s fair that I cannot even get a answer. The store does not take a return for a pattern. Will anyone please help?

    1. Check out this post, it provides two methods of achieving this increase.

  2. Isela ,Thank you ! The info on the slouchy hat was great,easy peasy now.Kari

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