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Snowman Slippers (for 18” doll)

Designed by Jenny Stark

The air is super frosty in this part of the world.  Surprise your favorite doll collector with some whimsical snowman slipper socks to keep their dolly’s toes warm and cozy.

Knitting Loom: KB Sock Loom 2

Yarn: Small amounts of worsted weight yarn in two different colors.  Samples include Red Heart Super Saver in Artists Print (CC) and Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in White (MC).

Notions: knitting tool, scissors, yarn needle, needle and thread (for embellishments).

Embellishments: 4 black 7mm buttons, 2 orange 7mm buttons, small amount of black yarn for stitching mouths.

Gauge: 11 stitches & 18 rows = 2″ in stockinette stitch.

Finished Size: Fits 18″ dolls.

Special Techniques:

Wrap & Turn (W&T):  Lift stitch(es) on peg.  Wrap working yarn around the peg.  Replace held stitch(es) on to peg above the wrap just created.  Continue on as directed in the pattern.


Using CC, Cast on 20 stitches. Join to work in the round.

Cuff: Rounds 1-4:  K2, P2 to end of round.  Cut CC.

Leg: With White (MC),  knit 4 rounds.

Short row shaping: Continue working with White (MC).

Knit pegs 1-9.  W&T on 10.

Knit pegs 9-2.  W&T on 1.

Knit pegs 2-8.  W&T on 9.

Knit pegs 8-3.  W&T on 2.

Knit pegs 3-7.  W&T on 8.

Knit pegs 7-4.  W&T on 3.

Knit pegs 4-8.  W&T on 9.

Knit pegs 8-3.  W&T on 2.

Knit pegs 3-9.  W&T on 10.

Knit pegs 9-2.  W&T on 1.

Knit pegs 2–20.

Knit pegs 1-20.

Foot: Continuing with White (MC), knit 14 more rounds.

Remove from the loom using the gathered removal method.

Weave in all ends.

Finishing: Create ‘eyes’ by stitching two black buttons on each slipper sock.

Make a ‘carrot nose’ by stitching an orange button on each slipper sock.

Create a ‘mouth’ on each slipper sock using the black yarn.

Weave in any remaining threads.









Wishing you much luck and happiness in 2017!




  1. Those are so cute. Got to make some

  2. These are so cute. My granddaughter just got an American Doll for Christmas, she is also learning to loom. We are going to have some fun making these.

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