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Spa Cloth

The holidays are around the corner, this lovely washcloth makes the perfect hostess gift. Knit up a set of three and you have the perfect gift for your next gathering. 

LOOM: KB Premium Round Loom. Any loom from set can be used.

YARN: Sample used Peaches and Cream stripes. (1 ball makes 2)

NOTIONS: Tapestry needle.

GAUGE: 4 stitches and 5 rows to 1″ of pattern, but not relevant for the project.

SIZE: 7” wide x 7″ tall.


Ew= ewrap knit stitch
P= purl stitch
K2tog= knit two stitches together
Yo= yarn over (carry yarn in front of peg, do not ewrap)


Ewrap cast on 28 pegs counter clockwise, prepare to work in a flat panel. Skip the first stitch in every row to create a nice even edge.

Row 1: purl row

Row 2: ewrap knit row
Repeat rows 1-2 for a total of 8 rows.

Row 9: p3, yo, k2tog (ewk 4, yo, k2tog) p3, ewk1

Row 10: ewrap knit row

Row 11: p3, k2tog, yo (ewk 4, k2tog, yo) p3, ewk1

Row 12: ewrap knit row

Repeat rows 9-12 seven times.

Row 49: purl row

Row 50: ewrap knit row
Repeat rows 49 & 50 for a total of 8 rows.

Bind off using the basic bind off method and weave in yarn ends. Set stitches by gently tugging on the edges.


  1. How pretty awesome job on it. Will be making some. Thank you

  2. I really like this….. I do think I have found a grand idea for some friends Holiday gifts…. I have two little girls that will love them

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