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Spiraling Rope Stitch (double knit)

This is a version of a favorite Rib Stitch in Double Knit. These wide ribs will make a great sweater, vest or blanket.  Even our beginners will enjoy a new twist to the knit/rib stitch.


This Spiraling Rope Stitch reminds us of a wide rib, but it’s actually a shifting rib, front to back. It’s also great for a scarf or afghan that gets flipped over and over. Can’t tell the front from the back. It’s very stretchy and fun to work up.

Each rib is approximately 3/4″ wide and the inset is the center of the rib on opposite side, so it shifts after each set of double stitches.


spiral rope purple

0      1           2          3           4          5          6           7          8            9          10          1         12

Loom: 10” knitting loom, or any loom with 21+ pegs with a width of 1 cm between the rails.

In this stitch, you will work with any amount of stitches divisible by 3.

Yarn: Worsted weight #4 wool or blend. Our sample is worked with Lion Brand Heartland Worsted weight yarn.

Abbreviations:  L=left, R=right


Cast On 21 stitches (or as many as desired with multiple of 3).  Start on L end of loom on top peg 3.

Step 1: Place slipknot on peg 3 top.

Step 2: Come down to lower peg 3 and wrap counter-clockwise.

Step 3: Take yarn up to peg 6 top wrapping clockwise, and then down to lower peg 6 counter-clockwise.

Step 4: Skip 2 pegs and take yarn up to peg 9 top wrapping clockwise, and then down to lower peg 9 and wrap counter-clockwise.

Step 5: Continue across the loom till you have wrapped the last stitch of your pattern. In our sample, we are illustrating only the first 12 stitches.  Notice on the last wrap, the yarn goes around the outside of pegs.  Turn loom around.

Step 6-the return: Take yarn to first of 2 empty pegs, peg 10 top and down to lower peg 11. Continue up to top peg 11 wrapping in counter-clockwise direction. Continue down to lower peg 10, wrapping in clockwise direction.

Step 7: Work all empty pegs in same manner until you end at lower peg 1. Lay anchor yarn.

Repeat all steps 1 thru 7 in each row. Work until your square/project is as long as desired. Bind off at loom and anchor yarn once complete.

Note:  You may like to start with a Stockinette cast on, and one row of stockinette at end of work for easy bind offs.  This is done in sample.

Let’s look at the Spiraling Rope on the loom with each step:  After cast on, starting with the 3rd peg, wrap to end of stitches.  Return by wrapping last pegs straight across at end of loom.  Follow diagram and wrap all empty pegs as you return

Here you are completing the wrap.  And then last photo is a completed row, ready to hook over.  Just continue weaving this row until the knitted piece is as long as desired, or you feel that you have learned the Spiraling Rib stitch.


Rib Stitch Variations! Twisted Purl Stitch (tan) Spiraling Rib Stitch (pink), and the Bamboo Stitch (white).







  1. Karen Cooper

    I especially like that bamboo stitch. Have you ever shown how to do that one before?

  2. I love all of these. I hope we can learn the other two variations…tan and cream. Thank you for the how to instructions and the Diagram is an awesome addition.

  3. I like the twisted purl and the bamboo?

    Do you have a video for it?

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