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Spring Blossoms Cowl


Welcome springtime with this beautiful cowl. The Spring Blossoms cowl depicts a lovely daisy stitch created with the aid of elongated stitches. Worked in two different colors to accent the small daisies.

LOOM:  All-n-One Loom 73 pegs.

YARN:  Approx 350 yds of worsted weight of merino wool.  Knit Picks Preciosa Tonal in Tadpole and Boysenberry was used in sample.

NOTIONS:  Knitting tool, tapestry needle, cable needle.

GAUGE: 11sts x 13 rows = 2 inches.

SIZE:  14 x 13 inches (flat)



k=knit stitch

p=purl stitch

CO=Cast on

BO=Bind off


A=Main color (Boysenberry)

B=Contrasting color (Tadpole)

Daisy Chain Stitch (Row 1-Row 20 below)

(Multiple of 6 sts plus 1)

Row 1: With A, k to the end of row.

Row 2: With A, p to the end of row.

Row 3: With A, k1, *[k1, wrap yarn 3

times around peg] 5 times, k1; rep from * to end

Row 4: With A, *p1, Cluster st; rep from *, end p1.

Row 5: With A, k to end of row.

Row 6: With A, p to end of row.

Row 7-10: With B, k to the end of row.

Row 11: With A, k to the end of row.

Row 12: With A, p to the end of row.

Row 13: With A, k4, *[k1, wrap yarn 3 times around peg] 5 times, k1; rep from *, end k3.

Row 14: With A, p3, *p1, Cluster st; rep from *, end k4.

Row 15: With A, k to end of row.

Row 16: With A, p to end of row.

Row 17-20: With B, k to the end of row.

Rep rows 1-20.

Cluster st: With working yarn to the back of the loom, drop the extra wraps on the 5 pegs, slide these wraps to the cable needle and hold the cable needle, wrap the working yarn clockwise around these 5 stitches two times. Place stitches from the cable needle back on the pegs. (See pictures for how-tos).



Set knitting loom to 73 pegs.

With B, CO 73 sts, prepare to work a flat panel.

Row 1-Row 20: Work Daisy Stitch.

Continue Daisy Stitch until panel measures 27 inches from cast on edge.

End on a Row 20. Bind off with basic bind off method.

Mattress stitch the cast on edge to bind off edge.

**To create a shawl instead of a cowl, continue knitting in the Daisy Stitch pattern until panel measures approximately 68 inches from cast on edge (end on a row 20).

Photo Tutorials (click on pictures to enlarge).

Row 3 of the Daisy Stitch Pattern states the following: With A, k1, *[k1, wrap yarn 3 times around peg] 5 times, k1; rep from * to end.

The following pictures show the steps on how to wrap the pegs and how the pegs would look after being wrapped.  Wrap the pegs counterclockwise, 3 times. Each peg should end up with 4 loops on it (the stitch, and three wraps).

Dropping the stitches to create the elongated stitches that will eventually create the Daisy Stitch.


The following pictures will show the Cluster Stitch—dropping the extra wraps, placing the stitches on the cable needle, wrapping the yarn around the middle of the stitches.







Place the elongated stitches on cable needle. Wrap the working yarn around the elongated stitches, 2 times.




Place stitches from cable needle back on the pegs.



  1. Fantastic!! I absolutely LOVE it! 😀

    1. Thank you Bethany :). It makes me happy to see the little stitches.

  2. When working with 2 different colors how would you go about knitting every other stitch a different color?

    1. Knit the row with A color skipping every other peg; then knit all the pegs you skipped with color B

  3. Please guide me i am seeking help to create hoxey cowl meghan huber
    She alterates colors between stitches for seedstitch creating colorful piece
    Any one that can explain method inwould love to larn this
    Respectfully maureen.

    1. I don’t know which cowl you are referring to. Is this a pattern on our website?

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