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Starry Nights Shawl (double knit)

Designed by Jacquelyn Darragh

This light and airy triangle shawl is a one-skein wonder and knit in one piece. It’s an easy pattern, using one stitch throughout.

LOOM: 38” Knitting Loom, using  2cm spacing, 82 stitches.

YARN: Approx. 230 yards. Sesame by Berroco, 43% Wool, 39% Acrylic, 9% Cotton, 9% Nylon. Hand wash in cold water. Lay flat to dry.  Color No. 7418 Orchid  used in sample, 1 skeins. One skein includes enough yarn for scarf and fringe.

STITCHES: Stockinette, Rib, Decreases.

NOTIONS: Knit hook, crochet hook, large sewing needle

GAUGE: 2 sts + 2 rows = 1”

SIZE: 46” wingspan x 13” wide


Set up loom for double knit with 2cm spacing. Cast on 82 stitches with Figure 8 stitch. Place anchor yarn.

Row 1: Rib stitch

Row 2: Rib stitch to end, then decrease one stitch at both ends of loom.

Note: With decreasing on each row, the rib stitch alternates creating the ‘Interrupted Rib stitch’.

 Repeat Row 2  (for 15 rows) until you have only 4 stitches remaining on the loom.

Next row: Stockinette stitch to end, then decrease 1 stitch on each end of loom, 2 stitches are remaining.

Decrease one stitch, leaving only one loop each on the front side and one loop on the back side. Knit over, then move one loop from back board to front board and knit over. Cut working yarn to 8” inches and slip tail through final loop and tighten. Weave in tail to create a neat triangle.

Bind off at anchor row, hooking 1 loop over 1 for a loose and elegant border until one loop remains on crochet hook. Pull yarn tail through loop for knot. Weave ends into the knitting.

Wet or steam block to finished size of 46” x 13.”



  1. Debbie Wilson

    I’m a beginner. I wish you had a tutorial so we can understand.i have always wanted a loom
    But I am lost. I want to make a tiddlers blanket for my grand son. Please helpe

  2. I need to see someone use the 38″ loom.

  3. Help me with a this
    I have never use one.. I am a senior. I really feel dumb.

  4. Help me with a this
    I have never use one.. I am a senior. I really feel dumb.

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