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Stockinette Cast On

1. Begin with a slipknot and place on first peg on board (farthest away from you) at left side, working from left to right. If you are left-handed, you may want to work from right to left. Weave around your pegs wrapping every other peg working across the 2 rows of pins.


2. When you get to the end of the loom, or working section, bring yarn straight across at end and turn loom around and weave back, wrapping around the pegs that you skipped the first time. You will complete this weaving by working down and then returning in order to wrap all pins.


3. Set anchor yarn to secure the stitches and assist with moving the first few rows below the boards. The anchor yarn is a scrap piece of yarn about 3 times the length of your stitches. Lay it across the stitches only, with the ends dangling below the boards.


4. Repeat the wrapping process over the anchor yarn until you have 2 loops on each pin. Then hook over, bottom loop over top loop. Do this to both sides of the loom and be sure to work all pins on both boards.