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Winter Totem Hat w/ video

Designed by Amanda Pratt

Pattern includes a complete how-to video, with link at bottom of the pattern.  Amanda takes you through the step by step of making ‘bobbles’.

LOOM:  KB ‘Premium’ Round Loom, 80 peg orange loom

YARN:  Approx 255 yds. of worsted weight acrylic yarn. Caron Simply Soft in Chocolate, Limelight, and Blue Mint were used.      85 yds. of each color.

NOTIONS:  tapestry needle, row counter (optional).

SIZE:  Adult

K = Knit

P = Purl

MB = Make Bobble

BR= Brown  G = Green

BL = Blue


Cast on all pegs using the Chain Cast On.


Row 1-5 : With BR,  P2, K2 until end of row.

Row 6 : With G – K to end of row.

Row 7-11 : With G – P2, K2 to end of row.

Row 12 : With BR – K to end of row.

Row 13-17: With BR – P2, K2 to end of row.


Row 18-21: With G – K to end of row.

Row 22 : With G – K3, with BL – MB (see below), continue to end of row.

BOBBLE: To make a bobble, knit peg 4 times. Then Pick up the first stitch of the bobble from previous knit and place back on the peg. Be careful to pick up the first stitch. Peg will now have 2 stitches on it. In the next row, treat the two  stitches as one.

Row 23-25 : With G – K to end of row.

Row 26 : With BR – K to end of row.

Row 27-31 : With BR – P2, K2 to end of row.

Row 32-35 :  With BL – K to end of row.

Row 36 : With BL – K3, with G- MB to end of row.

Row 37- 39 : With BL- K to end of row.

Repeat row 32-45

Repeat row 18-31

Repeat row 6-17


Row 85: Decrease every 4 pegs.

Row 86: K to end of row.

Row 87: Decrease every 4 pegs starting with peg 2.

Row 88: K to end of row.

Cast off stitches from loom with flat top cast off. Refer to video below.

See complete pattern video 

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