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Women’s Simple Socks


k=knit stitch (note: the U-stitch was used for sample).
CO=cast on
BO=bind off
WY=working yarn
w&t=wrap and turn (lift the loop(s) from the peg, wrap working yarn around empty peg and replace held loop(s) back onto peg.)


Women’s size 6.5-7.5. To make a sock for other sizes on the 56 peg, orange loom, simply adjust the number of leg and foot round to equal desired lengths.


CO 56 pegs, prepare to work in the round. (sample used ewrap cast on)


Rnd 1-20: *k2, p2; rep from * to end of rnd. Rnd 21: k to end of rnd.

Rep Rnd 21 until leg measures 7” from cast on edge.


Place peg markers on pegs 1 and 28. Pegs 1-28 are all the pegs that will be worked for the heel. Pegs 10-19 are the pegs that will be left unwrapped during the w&t process. There will be 9 pegs on either side of the center pegs that will be the W&T pegs.

Refer to Short-row heel/toe instructions at the end of pattern for specific details.


Next rnd: k to end of rnd. Rep last rnd until sole measures 6.5 inches from back of heel.


Create the toe in the exact same manner as used for the heel. Refer to Short-row heel/toe instructions at the end of pattern for specific details.


(Pegs 10-19 do not have wraps on them)

(Note: The following increase rows will require both lifting and working all previous wraps and stitches together as one as the pegs are knit and w&t’d. This can be up to 2 wraps and a stitch worked as one.)

Row 15: k13, w&t peg 21

Row 16: k12, w&t peg 8

Row 17: k11, w&t peg 20

Row 18: k10, w&t peg 9

Row 19: k11, w&t peg 21

Row 20: k12, w&t peg 8

Row 21: k13, w&t peg 22

Row 22: k14, w&t peg 7

Row 23: k15, w&t peg 23

Row 24: k16, w&t peg 6

Row 25: k17, w&t peg 24

Row 26: k18, w&t peg 5

Row 27: k19, w&t peg 25

Row 28: k20, w&t peg 4

Row 29: k21, w&t peg 26

Row 30: k22, w&t peg 3

Row 31: k23, w&t peg 27

Row 32: k24, w&t peg 2

Row 33: k25, w&t peg 28

Row 34: k26, w&t peg 1

Keeping all stitches from twisting, place the first 28 stitches onto a double pointed needle. Place the remainder 28 stitches onto second double pointed needle.

Bind off all stitches using the Kitchener Stitch. Tutorial: stitch-page/

Short-row heel/toe Instructions for 56 Pegs:

Row 1: k27, w&t peg 28

Row 2: k26, w&t peg 1

Row 3: k25, w&t peg 27

Row 4: k24, w&t peg 2

Row 5: k23, w&t peg 26

Row 6: k22, w&t peg 3

Row 7: k21, w&t peg 25

Row 8: k20, w&t peg 4

Row 9: k19, w&t peg 24 Row 10: k18, w&t peg 5

Row 11: k17, w&t peg 23

Row 12: k16, w&t peg 6

Row 13: k15, w&t peg 22

Row 14: k14, w&t peg 7

Peg 1 and Peg 28 still have wraps on them. Continue to the foot instructions. On the first round, knit off the wraps together with the stitch (3 over 1) as the next round is worked.

KNITTING LOOM: His & Her Sock Loom Set, 56 peg, orange loom.

YARN: Approx. 340 yards DK weight yarn. Sample used 1 skein Malabrigo, 360 yards, 100% merino wool in

NOTIONS: knitting tool, (2) peg markers, tapestry needle, (2) US 2 double pointed needles

GAUGE: 14 sts x 21 rows = 2 inches in stockinette

SIZE: Sample is approx women’s size 6.5-7, see pattern notes for tips on making other sizes.

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