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Zippy Triangle Shawl

The Zippy Triangle Shawl is a breeze to knit with its large open stitches. It’s a lovely evening shoulder cover up.



Knitting loom: Zippy loom (5 Zippy looms, connected together, 20 pegs total).

Yarn: Approximately 80 (150 for size B) yards of super bulky yarn. Sample used Loops & Threads Opus (2 skeins in Bermuda used) 42 yds/38m.

Notions: knitting tool, big eye tapestry needle.

Gauge: varies depending on thickness of yarn. Pattern is worked with the e-wrap stitch as the knit stitch.

Size A: Approximately 60″ wingspan, 22 inches in length-to the point (blocked).
Size B: Approximately: 62″ wingspan x 27 inches in length-to the point.

Pattern notes:  Connect the 5 Zippy looms together to have 20 pegs (7 Zippys for size B, total of 28 pegs).
Begin the cast on the right side.




INSTRUCTIONSTriangle Shawl Cropped

Ewrap cast on (from left to right) 2 stitches. (Peg 1 is on the right, peg 20 is on the far left. Cast on pegs 2 and 1. Place slip knot on peg 2, ewrap peg 1.)

Row 1: Ewrap knit to end of row (Ewrap knit peg 1 and peg 2).

Row 2: Increase one stitch at the beginning of the row (Half Hitch Cast on on peg 3), purl to the end of row  (Purl peg 2 and 1).  (Recommend to use the Half Hitch cast on method: Here is a video link to Bethany Dailey’s video on the Half Hitch increase).

Rep Row 1 and Row 2: until you have increased to 20 stitches (28 stitches for size B).

Next row: Ewrap knit to the end of row

Next row: Purl to the end of row.

**Next row: Ewrap knit to the end of row.

Next row: Decrease one at the beginning of the row, purl to the end of row.**
(To decrease, move the stitch from the last peg to the adjacent peg to the right. Ex: Move loop from peg 20 to peg 19; then purl the entire row to the end (treat the peg with the two loops as one loop)

Repeat from ** to ** until you have 2 stitches remaining.

Bind off loosely with basic bind off method.

Weave all ends in. Block to open up the stitches.

Designed by Isela Phelps. (C)2015, Isela Phelps.

Special Thank you to Jeannette Pirkle for her assistance with size B of the pattern.


  1. Hi Pat

    I first would like to say wow these Zppy looms are awesome
    What neat idea to develop these amazing easy to use looms
    This pattern is beautiful and a great design and the shawl
    Will look great with any summer dress it will dress up the
    Outfit and will make any girl feel so good its not a heavy shawl
    It a fun flirty shawl .I wanted to ask can you use a worsted
    Weight yarn #4 on the zippy loom can this pattern be worked up
    Using a lighter weight yarn ? Thañk you for keeping the patterns fresh up to date and developing new looms .

  2. Hi Sherri,
    You can work this pattern with worsted weight but it will turn out completely different. It will be very, very open stitches. However, if you block it, it would be stunning open lace-like stitches.

  3. Jenny Stark

    Very pretty, Isela! And I love the colors in the yarn you used.

  4. Once I casted on all pegs, the shawl is only 20″ wide. Sorry, but if I finish it and it only doubles in size, that doesn’t equal 60″.

    1. The stitches that you casted on are actually the depth of the shawl (as in the length from the neck to the lower back), the width is not attained from the number of pegs you casted on, but rather by the number of rows you work for the shawl.

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