20 Peg Extenders (7/16″ gauge) for 28″ & 38″ Loom


Set of (2)
Designed to be used with the 28″ and 38″ Looms, adding additional pegs for even wider knitting.


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20 Peg Extenders (7/16″ peg spacing) designed especially for the 28″ Loom + Extenders and the 38″ Loom. Now you can weave and single knit a larger width. Note the 28″ Loom does come with one set of loom extenders. Simply remove the spacers and insert the extenders, then tighten with the wingnuts.

The loom extenders add 40 pegs to your single knitting width. Note: the loom extenders will not extend your loom for double knitting.

28″ Loom – 128 pegs to 168 pegs

38″ Loom – 168 pegs to 208 pegs




See video for how-to on loom extender set up. The 20 peg extenders are inserted the same way in all loom sizes.


Additional information

Weight 0.56 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 12 × 3 in