Flexee Loom Links Skinny + Loom Knit Blankets eBook (Bundle)

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Loom knitting 3/8″ gauge links that can make any size flexible knitting loom up to 96 pegs. Kit includes 48 links. Size 3/8″ – small gauge for worsted weight, #3 or #4 yarn. Also includes our eBook (digital version) of ‘Loom Knit Blankets with Flexee Looms’ with 5 complete patterns, how-to videos, and step by step techniques! Great tool for new loom knitters. Projects can be converted to other Flexee Loom sizes: Skinny, Regular and Chunky.

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Loom knit ‘patent pending’ links to create any size knitting loom up to 96 pegs.  Now you can custom build your own knitting loom with the exact peg count needed for your project. The Flexee Loom Links  snap together to create several small looms or one large loom using all your links.  You decide the size and shape you want to create!

Flexee Loom Links Skinny is small gauge (3/8″). Ideal for worsted weight yarn.

Bundle includes:

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 10 × 8 in

3/8" Gauge