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Triple Rib Afghan

By Kristen Mangus

Unique ribbing pattern makes this afghan special and a ‘must have’ for the upcoming chilly mornings. You will have fun knitting it up in double knit in your favorite colors.


FB – Front Board BB – Back

Board CO – Cast on

EW – E-wrap

Sl – slip stitch St – stitch(es)

Stretchy Basic Bind off-Basic bind off with added wrap


CO 92 Double E-Wrap (2 e-wraps) in the following sequence.

See illustration.

Triple Rib Afghan

FB: EW- Cast On 4 pegs

BB: Skip pegs 1-2. Cast On 3 pegs

*FB: Cast On 3 pegs

BB: Cast On 3 pegs*

Repeat between * until 15 groups of 3 pegs have been wrapped.

BB: Cast On 4 pegs. Should have 92 pegs cast on.

Note that left beginning of FB will be (4) pegs and the last on the BB will be (4) pegs.
The first and last group of 4 will appear as a group of 3 with the 4th slipped to finish the panel on each side of the knitting board.
There will be 2 empty pegs on the front board & 2 empty pegs on the back. 92 stitches will be cast-on.

*ROW 1:

S1, EW all sts in sequence from one board to the other. TIP: when knitting off in sequence from *FB to BB* you will create a more even knit stitch.

Repeat Row 1 for all rows until the desired length. Sample knit to 330 rows.

Cast off in Stretchy Basic Bind off. Basic bind off with added wrap and knit off creates a more stretchy edge. Use this cast off method for the loom and at Bind On edge.

There will be 15 sets of rib columns on each side of each panel.

Knit 3 panels.


Using a tapestry needle and matching yarn, sew all three panels together with invisible seam.

Trim and pull in any yarn tails with crochet hook.

Note: If using the 28” Knitting Board you can have 21 sets of ribs (128 sts) if using the entire loom. Knit 2 panels together for a smaller width.

Illustration drawing courtesy of Charity Windha

LOOM: All-n-One Loom, or 28” Knitting Board + ext. set at 1cm spacing. Pattern on the All-n-One Loom creates tight stitch and requires 3 panels stitched together. Size and gauge will reflect this loom.

Using the 28” Knitting Board + extenders will give a littler looser knit and require 2 panels stitched together

YARN: Knit Picks City Tweed Aran/HW, 55% Merino Wool, 25% Superfine Alpaca, 20% Donegal Tweed, 164 yds per skein. Hand Wash, dry flat. (16 skeins used) Color # 24534 Romance.

STITCHES: Double E-wrap.

NOTIONS: Knit hook, crochet hook, tapestry needle for sewing panels together.

SIZE: 42” wide x 57” long

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