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Happy Doggie

This pattern is knit in 2 pieces. Note: the tail is only worked on the 1st side of the body.

Body: (knit 2)

If working from one skein, divide yarn into 2 balls. With one skein, cast on pegs 9-13 from L side; from second skein, cast on pegs 15-19.  Leave peg #14 empty.  Lay 2 short anchor yarns.

Work one leg at a time. Work 1st leg in stockinette for 8 rows (left side). Work 2nd leg for 8 rows (right side).  Cut yarn at 2nd leg,  leaving a 3” tail.  Leave yarn attached at left side as working yarn.

Work one row from 9 – 19. Tie the yarn tail at 2nd leg to working yarn at peg 13.  When you hook over, just work the pegs with 2 loops. Peg #14 will just have one loop.

Increase row #1: Create 2 increases at peg 2, and peg 18. Now 13 stitches are wrapped from peg 8 to 20. Work one row in stockinette.

Increase row #2:  Increase only on front end of loom to create the doggie face.  Create one increase increase at peg 9. Work one row in stockinette.

Repeat increase row #2 until you have all 20 stitches on the loom.

Work one regular row in stockinette.

Decrease row:  Decrease one stitch at beginning of row by placing stitch #2 onto peg #3.  Move first stitch over to empty pin.  Be sure to lift both bottom loops when hooking over this stitch.

Repeat this decrease row for additional 5 rows.  On last decrease row, decrease 1 stitch at both ends of the loom. 

Tail (on 1st side of body): Tie on 2nd ball of yarn at peg #18 for the tail.  For the tail end, work the 2 stitches for 5 rows.  Decrease to 1 stitch and bind off.  Weave in yarn tails.

Ears:  The first 3 stitches on front end of row will be for one ear.  Bind off all other stitches from tail to ear, and place the last loop on one of the pegs for the ears.

Work 3 stitches at left end in stockinette for 4 rows.  Increase one stitch on each end; work 3 rows, and bind off.  Weave in the yarn tail.

Knit the 2nd part of doggie without the tail.  Bind off starting at peg 20 up to the ear pegs.

Sewing and Finishing:

Make a nose with a small, tight pompom of black yarn.   Lay aside.  Weave some blue yarn into stitch on each doggie side for the eyes.  Sew the 2 sides together with matching yarn from front of legs to back at leg, leaving the bottom open for stuffing.  Place the nose into the seam at widest part of face.  Stuff with fiberfil, as desired.  Sew the stitch between the legs, and take a few tucks to bring legs together, front to back.  Weave in all yarn tails.

Option for ears: Leave the ears to flap as ‘he’ runs, or tack down at each side. 

Smile: Lace a double strand of red yarn thru the face to create the ‘smile’.  Knot the ends and pull into the head, so that the knot is hidden.

LOOM:  All-n-One Loom,  20 double pegs needed. 

YARN: Approx 60 yds of chunky weight yarn for body ( 2 skeins is ideal), about 15″ of black, blue and red yarn for eyes, nose and mouth,  and a small amount of fiberfill for stuffing. 

NOTIONS:  knitting hook tool, scissors, tapestry needle.

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