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Heart Hat Band

The hat band is like a headband, only wider.  Not quite a hat, as the top is open for the hair to fly free, or to tuck it all in.  Fun to wear, and just enough to keep your ears warm.

LOOM:  ‘Rotating’ Double Knit Loom, working in round

YARN: Sample uses Lamb’s Pride Bulky, 85% wool,15% Mohair, #5. 125 yds per skein, one skein of Peacock (main) and ½ skein Lt Blue (blue)

STITCHES:  Rib and Stockinette

NOTIONS:  Knit hook, Crochet hook, 5 stitch markers

SIZE:  5.5” wide and 24” circumference

GAUGE:  3 st X 4 rnds=1 inch


Rnd(s)=round(s),  St(s)=Stitch(s),

Place a stitch marker on peg 5, 16, 26, 35, 46, counting from beginning peg 1.  The pegs with stitch markers will always be at center of heart.

These pegs will be the bottom point of each heart design. Cast on 52 pegs in double knit to work in the round, using main color.  Lay anchor yarn.  It will be removed.

Rnds 1-8:  Work in Rib stitch


Rnd 9-16 will be the heart design rnds, as numbered 1-8 in the graph.

Rnd 9 (#1 of graph):  Tie on blue yarn at peg 5.  Wrap peg 5, front to back, no twist.  Carry yarn thru center of looms and wrap all 5 stitches, front to back, at stitch markers.  Lay blue yarn down without cutting it.

Pick up main color yarn and work in Rib st on all pegs that are not covered with blue yarn.

Work row on all stitches.

Rnd 10 (#2 of graph):  Work with blue yarn at all stitch markers covering 3 stitches with the stitch marker being the center peg.  This means to wrap sts 4,5,6 on this round and likewise of all the design pegs.  Complete the rnd with the main color in rib stitch.  Work rnd.

Rnd 11 (#3 of graph):  Work with blue yarn at all stitch markers covering 5 stitches (2 on each side of center peg).  Complete rnd with main yarn in rib stitch.  Work rnd.

Rnd 12 (#4 of graph):  Work with blue yarn at all stitch markers covering 7 stitches (3 on each side of center peg)

Complete rnd with main yarn in rib stitch, and work rnd.

Rnd 13 (#5 of graph):  Work with blue yarn at all stitch markers covering 9 stitches (4 on each side of center peg)

Complete rnd with main color, and work rnd.

Rnd 14 (#6 of graph):  Repeat rnd 13.

Rnd 15 (#7 of graph):  Repeat rnd 13 except skip center peg.  (4 on each side of center peg, skip center peg, and 4 on right of center peg.  Complete rnd with main color and be sure to work center peg with main color.  Hook over all pegs.

Rnd 16 (#8 of graph): Work with blue color on 2 sts, skip 3 center pegs, and work 2 pegs on right side of center.  Complete rnd with main color. Hook over all pegs.  Cut blue yarn and tie to main yarn.  Tuck yarn tail into knit.  End of design rnds.  You will have 5 blue heart designs with either 1 or 2 sts between.

Rnds 17-24:  Rib stitch all stitches.

Bind off loom with basic crochet bind off keeping the edge loose.  Once off the loom, bind off at anchor yarn with basic bind off.  Weave in all yarn tails.  Remove the anchor yarn.


  1. Julie Jordan

    Am I correct in that this hat band is double knitted throughout? I have never done this. Is the second color carried through in between the outside layer and inside layer? Do you have a video somewhere that walks me through this project?

    1. Yes, it is double-sided. Unfortunately, we do not have a video demonstrating the headband project.

  2. In the instructions aside of the picture it says: STITCHES: Rib and stockinette but I cannot find anywhere when you are suppose to switch to a stockinette stitch. Is there a video anywhere of making this pattern? This is my first time I am using a double loom. Thank you

  3. Can I use another loom to make this? If so which one?

    1. This specific item is worked in the round, consequently only this specific knitting loom works with the pattern as written.

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