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Homespun Afghan (revised) 45″ x 70″

This afghan is a beginner favorite!  It has been revised to work with current wood adjustable looms. It is so luxurious and cozy – sure to be one of your favorite blankets! This is so worth the time and yarn invested. Knit in one piece – very stretchy.

Loom: 38” Loom, spacers set at 3cm. 84 pegs needed.

Yarn: Lion Brand Homespun (185 yds per skein)
(10) skeins includes (2) skeins used for fringe.

Notions: Knit hook, crochet hook

Gauge: 2.3 sts=1” 2.5 rows=1”

Size: 45” wide X 70” long or 8’ with fringe.


Cast On 84 stitches , using all pegs
Place anchor yarn (contrasting color, thick yarn) between the 2 rows of pegs.

Row 1: Stockinette stitch

Repeat row 1 until for 200 rows or until afghan is the desired. Be sure to save (2) skeins of yarn for the fringe.

Bind Off very loosely. Start at end opposite the working yarn. With crochet hook, lift (2) loops alternating from one board to the other. Pull the loop closest to hook thru the other loop. Pick up one additional loop from opposite board. Pull (1) loop thru the other on crochet hook. Continue this across the board until only one loop remains. Pull yarn tail thru last loop for a knot. The yarn tail will be worked into the fringe. Bind off at anchor yarn starting at end opposite the yarn tail.


Prepare the fringe from (2) skeins of yarn. Wrap yarn around a box or trash can that measures approximately 24” around. Wrap entire skein ofyarn. Cut, so that you have strands approximately 24” long. Place piece of tape around one end of strands. You can pull from it as you work fringe.

Each fringe is (2) strands of yarn. Place crochet hook into edge stitch at one end. Fold (2) strands so that they are not even. Fold in half and with crochet hook, pull the folded loops thru the edge stitch on knitting. Pull the strands of yarn (4 once folded) thru the loop. This will knot the fringe onto the afghan. Insert the crochet hook into next edge stitch. Proceed across the end of afghan for about 1/3 of the edge. Move to opposite edge and work back to meet the other completed fringe. The result will be extremely thick and luxurious.
Work opposite end of afghan with 2nd skein of yarn.

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