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Midnight Blue Neck Cozy


MC=Main color

CC=Contrasting color


Knit stitch recommended is the true knit stitch or the u-stitch.

To create a longer cowl, repeat rounds 7-14.


Set up 40 Flexee Links (80 pegs) in the round. Place a stitch marker on a peg to designate it as the first peg.

Cast on 80 stitches, join to work in the round.

Using MC
Round 1-4:
*knit 2 pegs, purl 2 pegs; repeat from * to the end of round.
Rounds 5-6: knit to end of round.

Cut MC, join CC.

**Using CC
Round 7, 9: knit to end of round.
Round 8, 10: purl to end of round.

Cut CC, join MC

Using MC
Rounds 11-14:
knit to end of round.**

Repeat Rounds 7-14 (from ** to **): 2 more times.
Repeat Rounds 7-10.

Cut CC, join MC.

Using MC
Next 2 rounds: knit to the end of round.
Next 4 rounds: *knit 2 pegs, purl 2 pegs; repeat from * to end of round.

Bind off with basic removal method.

Weave ends in. Block lightly.

LOOM:  Flexee Loom Links Chunky, 40 links (80 pegs).

YARN: Approximately 100 yds of bulky weight merino wool. Malabrigo Chunky yarn was used in sample;  color: Continental (MC) (approximately 60 yards), and Black (CC) (approximately 40 yards). 

NOTIONS:  knitting tool, scissors, tapestry needle.

GAUGE: 6.5 sts x 10 rows=2 inches in stockinette.

SIZE: Instructions as provided, cowl measures approximately 11 x 7.5 inches.  

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