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Pin Loom simple squares ( Flexee Loom Chunky)

Learn Pin Loom Weaving with Flexee Loom. Make these adorable woven squares for coasters or sew them together for larger projects. See Video at end of post.

LOOM: KB Flexee Loom Chunky, 12 straight links.

YARN: Worsted weight yarn, approximately 4 yards per square.

NOTIONS: Susan Bates 5″ weaving needle, scissors, tapestry needle Optional – a small (1.75 to 2.0) crochet hook used to pull yarn ends into the fabric.


See Video at end of post.


Create a slip knot and wrap around bottom corner peg. Wrap the yarn around all pegs from bottom of loom to top of loom.  Don’t worry about any gaps, they will disappear in the weaving. Do not stretch the yarn or add any tension when you are winding it on the loom.





2)  Wrap the yarn around the top peg and proceed to loop around every other side peg. Keep tension light.






3)  Now wrap a third time time around same pegs as the first wrap.

4)  Wrap yarn around loom 4 -5 times, then cut the working yarn.

5)  Thread the weaving needle. Start weaving at same end of loom as working yarn.  This first weave is the most difficult part of the weaving process because you will need to weave under each of the bottom yarns and over each of the top yarns.  In several places the loops of yarn are on the same pegs which means that you will need to use your weaving needle to separate the two layers and weave them separately. Take your time, you may need to weave this line bit by bit, pulling the yarn through several loops before using your needle to separate and weave further.

However once you have taken your time to weave through all of the loops, you will find that you have put them in proper weaving order so that you can continue to weave with some ease.

6)  Begin weaving each line on the opposite side from where the yarn loops around a side peg. You will also treat that loop around the side peg as another line of yarn, going ‘under or over’ it to complete weaving the line. By doing this you will be going around the empty pins that were left when you were winding the yarn on those side pegs.

7)  Complete the last line of weaving between the two bottom pegs. This is the second most difficult line to weave because you will again have to carefully weave through each of the loops. You may need to weave through little by little, pulling the yarn through in one section before tackling the next few loops.

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