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Smile Sweater Vest w/VIDEO

LOOM:  Flexee Loom Chunky, 50 pegs, flat

YARN:  Approx 400 yds of worsted  acrylic/wool yarn. Sample used ‘Chunky Wool’ by Stitch & Story, 5 skeins (71yd per skein).

 NOTIONS:  tapestry needle, hook, scissors, Round counter (optional).

GAUGE:  5 sts x 7 rows = 2″

SIZE: sample knit for small adult,  19″ long  x  15.5″ wide


k=knit   p=purl






Cast on 50 sts, prepare to work a  flat panel.

Rows 1 – 30: “K2, P2”, repeat to end of row, end with K2.

Rows 31 – 80 : K1, P1, K1, P1, knit 42 sts, P1, K1, P1, K1.

Rows 81 – 96 : “K2, P2”, repeat to end of row, end with K2.

Bind off with basic bind off method. Weave all ends in.

Steam block to measurements.


Match up the 2 knit pieces, back to back.. Sew the shoulders over 12 stitches on each side. Sew the sides, from the bottom to the armholes. The armhole measures 9.5 inches.



  1. Dawn Obrien

    Can you use a flexee skinny.?how many links needed

    1. You would need to revise pattern as more stitches, and thinner yarn are needed for Flexee Loom Skinny.

  2. Heidi Becker

    Really cute vest!! I was considering buying all four flexi looms in the different sizes just for this pattern. Looks like a lot of your patterns only go up to size (L), I am a size (2xl). If you would write up vest/sweater patterns for the four flexi loom sizes in women sizes small to 2xl, I would buy all the looms.

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