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Twisted Wire Jewelry Set

LOOM: Baby-Knit Looms, 24 peg purple loom used.

YARN: 60″ of 26 gauge jewelry wire/beading wire.

NOTIONS: knit hook, 13 jump rings, 12 glass beads, 2 earring hooks, necklace chain, needle nose pliers.

GAUGE: not important

FINISHED SIZE: pendant measures 1.5″ long x 1″ wide


Ewk= ewrap knit stitch
Mk1= make 1 stitch (wrap and turn back)


Pattern is worked single knit, as a flat panel.

There will be an increase made at the beginning of every row until there are five stitches casted on.

Be sure to loom slow. Since you are working with metal it will not have the give that yarn has.


(Make 3)
Using 20″ of jewelry wire
begin by creating an eyelet by wrapping the wire 3x around the widest part of the pliers.


Cast on 1 stitch using the double ewrap cast on

Row 1: mk1, ewk1

Row 2: mk1, ewk2

Row 3: mk1, ewk3

Row 4: mk1, ewk4

There are now five stitches cast on.

Row 5: ewk5


Gently take the stitches off the loom making sure that you do not undo the last row of stitches you created.







Using four of the jump rings secure the last row of stitches. Add the glass beads onto the jump ring before closing.









Once the jump rings are secure, gently tug on the finished edge in a downward motion to set the stitches. Some shaping will be needed.


To finish, attach the pendants to the jewelry findings.




  1. Paula Cunningham

    Never thought this could be done on a loom!!!

  2. Jonnita Stubbs

    That’s amazing!

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